A wise man once said, “To have another language is to possess a second soul.”

Communication is the key to a successful bond, and your business venture is no exception. Diversity is the marker of the contemporary era, and the journey towards such heterogeneity begins with language. Multilingualism is the star-lit future that is, undoubtedly, going to take the entire world by storm.

The hour’s need is not to build an English-centric world but to bring local languages into the forefront. The English language’s erstwhile domination is giving away to regional languages whose significance is exponentially increasing within the professional sphere.

The fast-paced world requires diligent business stratagems that are foolproof, and simply relying on outdated apps for language-related services is not viable anymore. The hour’s need is to adopt a multi-faceted language translation service with cutting–edge professional precision.

Thus, it becomes imperative to choose professional translation services that offer reliable English to Marathi translation so that your business can reach new summits each day.


Language translation services are all about any entity’s transfiguration from a specific source language to one or more target languages. With more than 7000 languages spoken worldwide, the importance of translation becomes paramount. Numerous companies offer translation from the pertinent language to your desired language.

  • As per Ethnologue, English is the most widely spoken language globally, with 1.1 billion speakers out of whom 379 million are native speakers. The precedence of English may appear unrivalled, but this is far from the truth. A 2012 study concluded that only 25 per cent of the European population understood an English news report. Thus, language translation becomes crucial for effective communication. Therefore, if we consider English as the baseline, ignoring the millions of people who do not speak the language and are not fluent in it. So, translation becomes crucial as they ensure that the original content’s core message reaches the relevant audience without any erasure.


  • Globalisation has reduced the credentials physical distance as it has become much easier to establish political, professional and diplomatic relations even with a gulf between the two parties. The current world is characteristic of international relations that have countless benefits. But, the prime barrier for a fruitful manifestation of foreign relations is language. Hence, it becomes crucial that every country ensures excellent translation services that competent professionals undertake. The importance of qualified translators and reputed services is magnified in such a context as even a tiny mistake could mean the complete dismissal of the diplomatic mission.

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  • The importance of translation is immense when it comes to spreading information and ideas. Owing to credible translation services, we can enjoy and bask in entertainment and media facilities from all over the world. Moreover, it is because of efficient translations that revolutionary ideas can disseminate from one corner of the globe to another. For instance, the Holy Bible is translated into 600 languages, thereby affirming the spread of its ideas.


  • The tourism industry is a significant source of any country’s GDP. For instance, India is the desired holiday destination for thousands of tourists each year. But, only a fraction of the tourists can speak Hindi or any other Indian language. Even when we talk about internal tourism, linguistic diversity in a country like India is profound. Hence, services like English to Marathi translation are crucial to building an inclusive tourism structure within the country itself. Thus, we can say that translation services are critical for the growth and development of the country’s tourism industry. The efficient translation of tourist pamphlets, articles, brochures, promotional videos, and multilingual tourist guides encourages more and more people to visit the country.

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Translation services assist in building business relationships and credibility. They have the potential to sky-rocket any venture.

1. A global business has many aspects, and communication with an international clientele is one of them. Expert translators are sensitive to the social and cultural contexts and know to translate documents into a language that the potential customers can understand. The aim is to ensure that the intended message is dissipated smoothly. When there is refined translation, the purchasers get a genuine feeling of what your business delivers and what your company stands for. As such, the boost in sales becomes tremendous.

2. Regional translations are equally crucial as international translation. In India, there are 22 scheduled languages. So, the intra-national business expansion also calls for translation services. For instance, the English to Marathi translation of a particular business page can enhance your venture’s Marathi clientele and make your audience feel a sense of reliability. English might be the top business language not, but it is not unrivalled. With the growth and emergence of regional economics, regional languages’ importance has also increased.

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3. Enhancing the visibility of your brand is a critical benefit of translation services. The objective of any market is to be the leader. Your influence and status in the global industry are analysed by the number of clients you approach. Customers are irked by any business that displays content in a foreign language. The moment they realise that your site’s language is challenging to grasp, they switch to your competitors. Hence, businesses must develop language-friendly and inclusive content.

4. Professional translation services can save you from significant language debacles. Many multinational companies like KFC and Pepsi have had to face massive embarrassment in local markets owing to translation blunders. In-built machine apps are inadequate in dealing with humane social situations. Simple word-to-word transposing is never enough for business communication. Professional translations have the potential to finesse any communication and make it worthwhile.

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Marathi is spoken by approximately 80 million Indians predominantly residing in Maharashtra. It is an Indo-Aryan language and is the official language and co-official language of Maharashtra and Goa states. Marathi is one of the 22 scheduled languages of the country. Marathi is the 10th most widely spoken language globally and is the third most commonly spoken native language of India after Hindi and Bengali.

The history of Marathi is archaic as it comprises some of the oldest literature of all modern Indian languages. The prime dialects of Marathi include Standard Marathi and the Vardahi dialect. As per the census of India, 2011, native Marathi speakers comprise 6.86 per cent of the country’s population. They form 70.34 per cent of the people of Maharashtra, 10.89 per cent in Goa and 7.01 per cent in Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

The prime obstacle towards a more globalised world is language. This barrier is even relevant in a national context as the number of regional languages can be overwhelming in certain countries like India. Marathi is the third most widely spoken regional language of India, hence, trustworthy English to Marathi translation services is crucial. Hiring a professional translation service will enable you to stay one step ahead in the game of business.

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One need not over-emphasise the vitality of language translation as it is lucid that every sector of the world needs it dearly. In case you are looking for English to Marathi translation services, do the background research before finalising any company.