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TiE-Lumis Awards

[:en]All the pioneering startups and creators in India are welcomed to participate in TiE-Lumis Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards 2021. Suppose your product or platform is enough to become the future market leader in your segment. In that case, the award offers you a golden opportunity to celebrate the immense impact on society and the extensive ecosystem. TiE Delhi-NCR had a four-day online conclave from January 27th to 30th, 2021, which focused on the central theme ‘resurgence’ and aimed to well-equip attendees with a playbook by drawing from the learnings from the pandemic struck 2020 and chart the path for the future. 

TiE-Lumis awards followed a rigorous procedure, putting businesses and innovators through some of the most demanding assessments. The final selection was made by a jury that includes a few of the well-accomplished leaders from the industry. An entire process with an esteemed track record of choosing some of the most successful companies recognized quite early in their formative years.

TiE-Lumis Awards

Most sub-themes at the conclave were healthcare, consumer business. Edtech, fintech, travel, and SAAS. Apart from some of the sessions, the event hosted multiple awards recognizing and honoring startups; TiE The Knot, TiE – Lumis Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards, and TiE & Power2SME Spirit of Manufacturing Awards. These awards are known to have a unique significance of putting a business on the map, way before they have truly made their mark. So, if a company or innovator is on the right path to market leadership, consider that firm to be on rapid growth. This award recognized young firms that are dedicated, ambitious, pioneering, and have the ability to convert into prominent organizations of the future.

Himanshu Sharma

Co-founder of Devnagri, Himanshu Sharma, had the opportunity to speak during the event, and Devnagri was nominated for the award. He was absolutely delighted to be a part of the TiE Lumis Excellence Award. Not only is it one of the most prestigious awards, but it’s what made Devnagri different from its competitors. After experiencing the atmosphere of the event, he was motivated to continue his efforts to deliver personalized and automated solutions and keep adding value to customers. 

This award is truly a testimony of the efforts and entrepreneurial drive of the young creators. It motivates them to put in immense hard work and boost skills and knowledge to bring new ideas to enhance their respective industries. TiE-Lumis Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards help businesses network with investors and industry leaders while offering them media outlets and coverage for extensive recognition.[:]

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