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Indian language internet users are set to cross over 900 million mark in 2025. Companies like yours may lose a major potential user base if they don’t localize. Devnagri, India’s number one AI-powered translation engine, helps brands localize 5x faster and more accurately. Localization of your brand helps improve conversions. Speaking the language of your customers inspires more trust, which makes the purchase a lot easier.

Few of the use cases for localization can be:

Overcome the language barrier

When you are planning a business expansion there are plenty of barriers that come in your way. These barriers restrict your entry into markets and limit your scope for expansion. The language barrier can be one of the most significant and impactful barriers that can have a direct effect on your presence as well as your business scale.

Devnagri is one of the most technologically advanced and professional translation solution provider that enables you to overcome the language barrier. Our new age translation solutions open new gates of opportunity for your business and enable you to explore newer horizons. We use the right combination of technology and human skills to achieve precision in our work.

Volume Ecommerce content

Ecommerce content is at times a little complicated due to its high volume and technical terminologies associated with the product/service. It requires considerable market knowledge, understanding of the ecommerce segment and attention to detail to attain impeccable perfection while translating the same.

Devnagri has a team of expert human translators having considerable knowledge, expertise, and experience in translating eCommerce content. We employ a modern approach to translation including our SAAS based model, AI and translation memory to convert a huge volume of Ecommerce content on time with incredible accuracy.

AI-driven Ecommerce translation solutions

Artificial Intelligence is the future. It is changing the whole facet of the translation industry. Artificial intelligence enables us to improve the quality of the content and ensure consistency too. Moreover, artificial intelligence can lower the chances of errors to a great extent.

Devnagri is India’s first translation company to integrate artificial intelligence and human-based translation. Our translation platform maintains the integrity of the content and enables eCommerce platforms to efficaciously present their product in the virtual world.

High-quality translation

Ecommerce is one of the biggest marketplaces. The success and growth opportunities here are humungous. However, what drives traffic, sales and revenue to an eCommerce platform is the communication that it displays. It is imperative that the quality of your content is at par with the industry standards. A poorly translated content not only loses the context but can also drastically change the whole meaning of the same.

Devnagri assures top-notch quality translation delivery. Our tool’s understanding of web copy and content presentation enhances the quality of your content.

At Devnagri we aim at fostering the interest of the visitors and efficiently presenting your content on the eCommerce platform.

Our Ecommerce platform solution includes:

Product description translation

75% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if it is presented in their native language. The language can play a great role in driving more traffic. Devnagri has the best in class system to handle hundreds and thousands of product descriptions thus providing a great opportunity to scale.

User review translation

The reviews and ratings of users are very important. They play a major role in the purchase decision. Content translation helps to make the copy on your website easy to understand to your audience thus building customer's trust and help him gain valuable insight about the business and the product.

Customer support translation

Devnagri can translate customer support emails, FAQs, the terms and conditions documents, privacy policy and much more. The right translation technology in your E-commerce system can create world-class support for your business and expand your customer base.

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Ecommerce translation is the process of translating Ecommerce content from one language to another. Ecommerce translation covers all the aspects of the content such as technical information, product specifications, product descriptions, reviews, FAQS and much more. Ecommerce translation can make your content more relatable and increase its visibility too.

Ecommerce translation makes your content more attractive and appealing to the audience. It helps you to get the maximum exposure and improve your SEO rankings. Moreover, Ecommerce translation can make your content copy audience-specific and increase conversion rate too.

Devnagri is one of the leading translation companies in India. Our AI-powered platforms, SAAS based model and exceptional quality standards make us the best Ecommerce translation solution provider in the country.

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