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11th AGBA Awards

[:en]The Aegis Graham Bell Award is considered a tribute to the father of the telephone and appreciable innovator, Alexander Graham Bell. The Aegis School of Business, Data Science and Cyber Security has taken the initiative for this award to promote innovations and identify the impressive contributions by great innovators. 


Moreover, the award is fully supported by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India; Skill India (campaign initiated by Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, it’s under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship); NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India is a policy think tank of the Government of India); National Informatics Centre Services Incorporated (NICSI), a Government of India enterprise

Based on the words said by Alexander Graham Bell, ‘The inventor looks upon the world and is not content with things as they are. He wants to improve whatever he sees, and he wants to benefit the world; he’s haunted by an idea.”  This award invites and appreciates the pioneers, the revolutionaries, the trendsetters and the one who views things differently to boost the honour of changing the lives of millions with their work. 


Devnagri participated in the 11th Aegis Graham Bell Award, and it’s a huge honour to share the excellent news that they won the award in the Artificial Intelligence Innovation category! With their utmost dedication and customer-centric approach, they introduce an AI-powered human translation platform that has the potential to convert bulk data within a restricted time frame in various languages. They employ the latest technology to empower several businesses while reducing the cost of conversion per word in Indian and international languages. All of their hard work and creativity paid off incredibly. 

11th AGBA Awards

Like any other business, Devnagri wanted to win the award and uplift its reputation as a brand. The award night was full of entertainment and numerous other innovators under one roof to celebrate success and creation. Devnagri is honoured and pleased to be a part of this outstanding event as the recognition and appreciation they received is absolutely commendable. They believe winning a business award offers a valid third party endorsement for your company. Knowing how prestigious the award is, it provided a stamp of approval on their business. 

Their goal is still transparent and straightforward as they aim for more businesses to expand their reach and localize their websites professionally. This award celebrates the hard work, dedication and success of Devnagri, though it’s not merely about winning that counts. The journey of being nominated is worth appreciating and effort. 

The winners and finalists of the 11th AGBA:


  • Innovative Telecom Solution – Jio Platforms (Jio Coverage Platform)
  • Artificial Intelligence powered innovation for Telecom – Vodafone Idea (AI Powered Telecom Network operation and maintenance)
  • 5G innovation – Jio Platforms (Cloud native 5G core)
  • Innovation in Telecom Infrastructure – ATC India (Flexible Solar panels on Telecom Monopole structure)
  • Innovative Mobile App for Consumers – Public App (latest updates of your city through short videos)
  • Artificial Intelligence powered innovation for Life Science – LivNSense Technologies (AI-Powered Digital Chemical Reactors)
  • Combat COVID19 with Artificial Intelligence – St Luke Health System (Leveraging Data and AI to Combat the COVID19 Pandemic)
  • Innovation in Cloud – Moglix (iCAT a “Made in India” cloud SaaS innovation); Innovation in Data Science – Rubiscape (A Comprehensive data science platform with no coding)
  • Innovation in Artificial Intelligence – Logically (Misinformation and the Indian Election) and Devnagri (AI-powered Human Translation Platform)
  • Innovation in Cyber Security – Unisys (Stealth(core))
  • Innovation in Blockchain – AVA Labs (Avalanche Protocol); Innovation in FinTech – Khatabook (Digitally Enabling Bharat’s MSME Segment)
  • Innovation in AgTech – Urdhvam (Borecharger)
  • Innovation in EdTech – Analytica Data Labs (Analyticca Data Labs LEAP)
  • Artificial Intelligence powered innovation for Retail – IBM (Fabric AI for Supplychain) and Stylumia (Trend Forecasting & Demand Sensing)
  • Innovative diagnostic solutions – OncoStem Diagnostics (CanAssist Breast)
  • Innovation in Internet of Things – Dozee (India 1st Contactless Health Tracker); Innovative preventive measures to Combat COVID19 – Navork innovations (Avran)
  • Innovative remote working solutions – VMware (VMware Workspace One); Innovative lockdown management solution for Corporate – Birlasoft (intelliOpen)
  • Innovative logistics management solutions – Shadowfax (detecting masks and sanitizers in selfies)
  • Innovative medical equipment – Nocca Robotics (High flow oxygen therapy device)
  • Innovative digital transformation – HDFC Life (Computer Vision at HDFC Life); Innovation in Transport Tech – Swiggy (Combination of AI) and Anil Geol’s Ways – Next Generation Tolling Platform
  • Innovation in Renewable Energy – Energy Vault (Gravity Energy Storage)
  • Innovation in Enterprise Automation – Codegrip (Automated Code Review Tool); Innovation in Enterprise Solution – Quintype (Quintype Platform)
  • AI powered innovation for Enterprise – Zensar (Vinci : Zensar’s AIOps platform)
  • Jury Choice Award – Skyroot Aerospace (Vikram Launch Vehicle Series) and Amal World (Smart hygience for Women with Autism & handicaped during COVID19) and Planys Technologies (Underwater Robots/Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for asset).


  • Innovative Telecom Solution – Cisco and Sterlite Technologies Limited
  • Artificial Intelligence powered innovation for Telecom – Jio Platforms
  • 5G innovation – Cellwize and PureSoftware
  • Innovation in Telecom Infrastructure – ATC India and Parallel Wireless
  • Innovative Mobile App for Consumers – Mitron TV and Atmanirbhar app
  • Artificial Intelligence powered innovation for Life Science – Larsen & Toubro Infotech
  • Combat COVID19 with Artificial Intelligence – Quantiphi and Salcit Technologies
  • Innovation in Cloud – Vmware and Zensar
  • Innovation in Data Science – Thoucentric Labs (PrediQ) and Thoucentric Labs (PriceVision)
  • Innovation in Artificial Intelligence – Entropik Technologies
  • Innovation in Cyber Security – Siemens and ST Telemedia Global Data Centres
  • Innovation in Blockchain – Jio Platforms
  • Innovation in FinTech – CityCash and inVOID; Innovation in AgTech – FarmERP and Eggoz
  • Innovation in EdTech – Entropik Technologies and Testbook; Artificial Intelligence powered innovation for Retail – SAP Labs India
  • Innovative diagnostic solutions – Agappe Diagnostics and Briota Technologies
  • Innovation in Internet of Things – Nokia and Tata Communication; Innovative preventive measures to Combat COVID19 – PraanaPoorna Collective and Mariam Tek
  • Innovative remote working solutions – Wipro and Zensar
  • Innovative lockdown management solution for Corporate – Wipro and LTI
  • Innovative logistics management solutions – SAP Labs India and Pitney Bowes; Innovative medical equipment – Bliss N Style and Absstem Technologies
  • Innovative digital transformation – Oppo & One Click Technologies and Zensar
  • Innovation in Transport Tech – Anil Goel’s Wayz – Next Generation Mobility Platform
  • Innovation in Renewable Energy – Chakr Innovation and Sistema Bio
  • Innovation in Enterprise Automation – Grene Robotics and Jio Platforms
  • Innovation in Enterprise Solution – Moglix and Airtel Business
  • AI powered innovation for Enterprise – Icertis and Siemens.


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