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Privacy policy


Devnagri’s privacy policy written here gives the idea of the information collected, how it is used and how we ensure the safety of the privacy our users using the services online. Your use of service implies that we can use the data collected according to our privacy policies.

Disclaimer and warranties

All the information, content here on Devnagri is as per the services catered to user. Devnagri disclaim any warranties given/ implied here on the website or any of its subsidiary regarding the services, material provided or catered in any form, quality, fitness and other peripheral are not to be claimed for, until implied so. There is no such commitment of complete accuracy or pure quality result, or on time delivery if being present anywhere Devnagri disclaims that reference herein. User is advised to go through the work done independently according to necessity or whenever required.

Limitation of liability

Devnagri and its subsidiaries, affiliates are not liable for any cause, harm, trouble or loss caused directly or indirectly due to the services used by the clients for his/her business or any other known or unknown related parts, any monetary, personal, physical damage due to usage direct or indirect of the services, platform or material shall not guarantee any refund said or mentioned in writing or orally by the representative or authorized person of devnagri.

Intellectual property

For using the service by the provider, the client will submit files, folders and information. Ownership of the work remains with the client. Any member of Devnagri or the website itself will not claim the ownership of it. T&C’s mentioned here refrain devnagri against any such intellectual property right or claim against the information given to use the services, the limited rights required for the purpose to serve are mentioned below.

In regard with work the permissions may be asked from the client for hosting and sharing files as per the directives or requirement. Product features visible to the user, such as image, thumbnails and document previews are included in it. It will include the technical choice of design administered to present our services such as data backup to keep the information safe and secured. The client gives the permission to help us in providing the services exclusively. The permission given extends to third party and service support companies such as Amazon web services, that holds the storage space required to provide services (exclusively services).

Client assures that he or his company owns the complete rights, authentications and work permits for the orders placed and it will not impact rights of any third party directly or indirectly. Any such claim regarding intellectual property right by the third party will not hold devnagri, its affiliates, current or past employees, directors or any related member liable, client should agree and indemnify involvement of above said team/website. Every intellectual property right (included or related) in client’s work will impact him or his company, all the intellectual property rights regarding the translated work shall be with client and will be transferred to him upon the complete payment to the Devnagri.

Irrespective to changes in the service, the information in the form of content will not be shared with any third party until implied by the user or owner of the content. Our complete process of collection of the client information and its usage is described under Privacy Policy. Client is solely responsible for the use of content, files and words along with communication in its regard with others while using our services. For example, it is client’s responsibility to hold the rights and permissions required to use the data along with the T&C’s mentioned

Revisions and errata

The information displayed on devnagri website may hold typographical, photographic or technical errors. Devnagri indemnify the absolute correctness, accuracy of the information displayed on the website. Devnagri holds all the rights to change, convert any information displayed on the website without any prior notice to the clients. We are not liable nor committed to enlighten the user about any changes or updates about the materials displayed.


Devnagri is not responsible for any third party link or navigation link given on its website. We have not reviewed any or all the information present on such links. Devnagri should not be held responsible for any cause or harm to the user directly or indirectly for using those links, information on the links is not our responsibility. User may use those links on their own risk.

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