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AI Revolution in India

[:en]Cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are considered a wake-up call to business owners in India. It’s almost imperative for them to view AI as a vital aspect of boosting their business. Stimulating AI-based innovation and establishing AI-ready infrastructure are required to prepare India’s jobs and skills markets for an AI-based future while securing its strategic interests. 

Indian industry is transparent that disruption by technology is forthcoming, and it will need to adopt AI. Doing so allows companies to leverage themselves to drive business value, but as of now, some of them are lagging behind. However, it will slowly gain momentum when the industry can create competition with itself. Most importantly, highlighting the innovations made by startups bring their products mainstream and initiate peer pressure, forcing others to enhance themselves. 

The Delhi-based startup, Devnagri, is an AI-powered human translation platform that blends neural machine translation and machine learning with human involvement to offer accurate and reliable translations. It holds more than 5,000 translators who strive to provide translation services in 22 Indian languages.  

Persuaded by the versatility and variation of the script and several Indian languages that employ it, Nakul Kundra and Himanshu Sharma founded AI-powered startup Devnagri. They claim that Devnagri is at least 10 times more accurate, reliable and efficient compared to other translation platforms because of the human intervention in the translation methods. Moreover, they provide three types of products, translation, transliteration, and real-time translation.

With translation services, their clients can upload texts into the platform. Devnagri’s AI-based services and human translators ensure to offer the right translation in about 22 different languages as per their requirements. Furthermore, the real-time translation services have put Devnagri on the Air (DOTA). It is a Javascript plugin that the user can add to their browser or application to allow real-time translation of any webpage or software without coding. Lastly, the Devnagri transliteration Application Programming Interface (API) helps rewrite product names, lists and addresses in multiple Indian languages

Currently, Devangri has more than 30 clients, including the United Nations Organisation, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), PhonePe, Myntra, Snapdeal and more. The rebooted startup is well-recognized and awarded the Best Emerging Portal for Translation & Localisation Services 2019 – India by Business Mint. In 2020, Devnagri was chosen in the Special Category at RAISE 2020, India’s biggest AI solution challenge for Indian startups, in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) category. [:]

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