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Do you want to leverage the power of translation and make your course accessible to all?

Well! eLearning translation solutions from Devnagri is the key to it.

Expert eLearning translation solutions

eLearning is one of the most expansive and demanding industries. The scope of this sector is exceptional. However, the language barrier and inconsistency in learning material can be a great hindrance. It can obstruct the reach of the content/course and limit its visibility too. eLearning translation products from Devnagri can enable one to reach a regional and global audience. It improves visibility and market exposure too.

Devnagri offers professional eLearning translation solutions in 12 Indian native languages using machine translation. To enhance the accuracy our AI technology can be layered by a team of expert translators and linguists having tremendous expertise in the education domain. We strive to optimally translate your eLearning material in the quickest possible time.

Connect with the learners

A well-translated eLearning course material in the native language connects more easily with the learners. It makes it easy and simple to grasp the various concepts. Translating eLearning course material and literature can exponentially amplify the reach of the content. It allows you to cater to a wider audience base.

Devnagri is one of its kinds of integrated AI-powered translation company. We translate over 1Mn words per day using our translation engine. Over the years, we have carved a niche for ourselves by delivering superior quality translated content on time with precision.

Moreover, we understand the scope and limitations of an eLearning course material. Our subject matter specialists are aware of the intricacies and technicalities that are required to effectively translate course material. We can translate eLearning courses on an array of subjects and industries from the original language to any native Indian language using our AI engine.

Benefits of investing in eLearning translation

Many organisations have their learning course material in only English. Thus, the cultural relevance of the content gets depreciated. Translating content into a native language makes the content more comprehensible and engaging. The learners can easily connect with the course material and polish their skills. Furthermore, translating eLearning content gives your organisation the desired visibility in the market. It opens newer doors of opportunities for your education or business venture. It enables one to geo-target their audience and expand the education platform in the regional markets.

Devnagri utilizes the best combination of technology, skills and expertise to deliver consistent translations. Our AI engine along with the human translators provides quality eLearning translation services to make your content more audience-specific and appealing.

Few eLearning translation solutions delivered by us

Delivering quality content within the given timelines

Devnagri follows an advanced translation management system and translation editing proofreading process the quality of our content and achieves consistent quality. We use the right combination of translation memory tools, SAAS models and artificial intelligence to facilitate and deliver quick output.

At Devnagri you can be sure about the quality, precision and accuracy of the translated eLearning Content.

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eLearning translation is translation of eLearning course materials such as training modules, learning content, examination papers etc. Devnagri offers expert eLearning translation solutions. We bring the best of the AI engine along with team of experts to deliver accurate translation.

eLearning translation solutions make your content multilingual. It expands your reach and enables you to expand your business to newer markets. Moreover, translated content is easy to comprehend and has a great connect value to it.

Devnagri is an experienced translation solution provider organization delivering over 1Mn words per day using its advanced AI engine. Our knowledge of the industry is impeccable. We use the right fusion of translation technology, artificial intelligence and modern translation tools to accurately translate and deliver your projects.

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