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OCR System

Data capturing and structuring is a complicated task demanding a lot of effort and technical knowledge. The OCR system can easily and accurately extract data from structured and unstructured documents without modifying the template or rules. The automated data extraction process is a boon and a great time saver for all businesses.

No definite guidelines! No templates! Competent and resourceful conversions with AI

The automated OCR system from Devnagri makes it easy to extract data from invoices, purchase orders, packing lists, receipts, or any other documents with precision.

Save 90% of the time

Converts a document and saves time associated with manual conversion and data entry

Up to 98% accuracy

Enable the benefits of exceptional accuracy, exactness, and fast processing

Fast ROI with Cloud

Cloud infrastructure allows safe uploads and conversion with no additional costs

Streamline processes

Advanced features allow transfer of data to ERP and document management systems with ease

How Devnagri beats traditional OCR

Devnagri Traditional OCR
Receive documents from hundreds of different channels
Date extraction without template-setting hustle
Automated learning (no engineering resources needed)
Automated Communication with senders

How Devnagri OCR works


The Devnagri OCR allows one to send or upload files, or pdf of the documents via, an intelligent email box, Rossum UI, ERP, API, or RPA workflow


Seamless integration of modern tools allows customization of rules to automate the process. A smartly designed UI interface ensures utmost efficiency

Communicate & ACT

Leverage the benefits of automation and send documents to your ERP system or data management systems with seamless integration and contemporary features

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