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translation services

translation company

translation services

translation company

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We aim for high Level of clientele satisfaction

Within 12 months of launch we are serving mainstream players across the world. Our clients have always appreciated the quality of work delivered within the committed timelines.

Devnagri translation platform order process

Devnagri platform, use the power of machine and humans together to complete the translation on time and with great quality.

Our Kutumbh-Powered by the network of verified experts

Kutumbh is a community of translators build by Devnagri. Over 5000+ translators work closely with us to deliver the quality work to the clients. With Kutumbh, we aim to empower native bilingual speakers, home makers, women of India by providing them the opportunity to learn, work & earn. Our selection process helps to filter the experienced, authentic & certified native bilingual experts. It ensures that we have the best online translation team available in Indian and international languages.

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Facts and benefits

  • We have the speed - Devnagri is 5x faster than ordinary translation.
  • We are scalable - With 5000+ translator our network is growing fast.
  • We provide value - Our technology enable us to be a fraction of the cost.
  • Devnagri can integrate directly to your applications.
  • About Devnagri

    We are transforming the translation industry with a power-packed combination of A.I. and human expertise. Our translation platform delivers quality work within definite timelines. It is economic & scalable.

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