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Translate your platforms on the go with DOTA. Transliterate your documents. You can use machine translation or simply scan and get your documents translated. Devnagri offers a host of products that makes translation cost-effective and convenient.
100+ businesses trust us with their content

How can a bank reach more local customer base?

Translating your platform reportedly expands your reach to local customers

How to improve engagement of edTech platform?

Learning in one’s own language helps students understand the lessons better

How to make media content accessible to more people?

Localizing your media platform reportedly increases the viewership/readership

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

effective solution

Translates 12+ local languages

Simple fast and more accurate

Uses tech for

What makes us the best translation company in India


100+ brands


50 Mn + words processed


50% savings on cost & time

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