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BRICS CCI Start-Up Series

[:en]BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry collaborates with Startup India, a Government of Indian Initiative and Rising Bharat. It’s a young establishment and fund helping startups well-organized a Pitch Presentation as a part of its ‘Start-Up Series’ in New Delhi. This daylong event is the first of the BRICS CCI Startup Series as an initiative by the BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry to support and motivate young entrepreneurs from several sectors. 

The mastermind behind the event is Mr. Sameep Shastri, the Vice-Chairman, BRICS CCI. As a part of the startup series, BRICS tackled a three-month procedure to detect budding startups around the country. They looked for companies with unique ideas and drove to bring a change but needed investment and exposure. The goal is to push them to continue their endeavour, lead innovations and create the path towards Atma Nirbhar Bharat. BRICS CCI had the vision to bring everyone together and motivate and nurture the budding entrepreneurs to drive a successful business. That’s what this Startup Series is all about!

BRICS gained more than 250 applications, of which only the best 15 companies have been invited for the pitch presentation. The panel of jury consisted of Sameep Shastri; Avi Mittal, CEO & MD, Golden Ace Ventures; Akshay Aggarwal, Founder, Kafila Forge; Bibin Babu, Board Member, Innowork, BlocSpaze, Payiza; Dhruv Khanna, Co-Founder, Triton Foodworks; Pratham Mittal, Founder, Neta App; Dr Vinay Agrawal, Chancellor, ISBM University; Ruhail Ranjan, MD, Chandrika Power; and Aditi Banerjee, Co-Founder & CEO, Magic Billion

Even Devnagri took part and presented in the “BRICS CCI Start-Up Series”. The Co-Founder of Devnagri, Mr Nakul Kundra, became a spokesperson for Devnagri in the Event. It was a huge success and honourable moment as Devnagri was chosen among the top 15 startups in the BRICS CCI startups series. Giving a pitch presentation in front of the jury was a unique experience itself for Nakul Kundra

Entrepreneurs like him are young with passion and dedication. They’re like damp clay, which is why they’re able to shape and mentor themselves to help nurture their objectives and businesses. They have creative minds which introduce unique and fresh ideas to grow into multi-billion-dollar organizations. For Nakul, it was a much-needed experience to pitch presentations among several pitches in the event. Overall, it was a wonderful time that motivated him to enhance his ability to generate more ideas as a young entrepreneur.[:]

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