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Indian Language Text Translation App

Pratibimb is an app to scan any image with text, and translate it to any Indian language.

Pratibimb uses OCR and Machine Translation (powered by Devnagri) to read the contents of the image, and then use the text to convert it to any language and show it in the same place in the original image.

How to use the app

Step1 - click app icon and open app

Step2 - open splash screen

Step3 - open app and click any image with text

Step3.1 - click output language and change language

Step3.2 - select your language

Step3.3 - click Icon and view translation

Step4 - view translation

Step4.1 - click share text button

Step4.2 - share text any where

Step4.3 - click share snapshot

Step4.4 - share image any where

Step4.5 - click save button and save image in gallery

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