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[:en]NASSCOM is the leading program intended to promote the creation and innovation of top-class DeepTech companies. It helps businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs get recognized, funded, and attain exposure by NASSCOM through numerous platforms, events, and programs. IT Industry body NASSCOM announced the fourth batch of its ‘DeepTech Club,’ under which 17 startups were selected for mentoring, enterprise content sessions, and exposure to investors and the global startup ecosystem.

With more than 1,600 DeepTech companies in India in 2019, there was a spurt in the funding of deep tech startups as investor interest in niche platforms and products expanded drastically. Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), machine learning (ML), blockchain, and virtual reality (VR) are leading the startup space and attracting interest and activity. They have created use cases for numerous verticals consisting of manufacturing, marketing, healthcare, customer experiences, public safety, cybersecurity, transport infrastructure, and e-Governance.

Among the 17 startups, Devnagri was thrilled to get an opportunity to showcase their business objective. It’s an outstanding achievement by catering to their vision of empowering the 90% of Indians who don’t understand English content online. Their ML and AI-based human translation platform make it possible for businesses to broaden their reach in regional languages by translating content. Moreover, it’s a widely-known fact that going beyond the language barrier can put together a diverse group of people. Now, what do you need to break that barrier and expand your reach? The answer is easy, Devnagri is an AI-powered human translation and localization platform active since 2017. They can convert bulk data or information with a set period in multiple languages, both Indian and International.

Devnagri came into existence as a leading platform to dominate the internet in native languages to assist companies, businesses, and users who don’t know English. Upon understanding the numerous users are underprivileged of technology because of the language barrier, Devnagri successfully incorporated the power of the workforce and machine to offer accurate translation services and solutions.

Experts in DeepTech and artificial intelligence will be the primary drivers of economic competitiveness in the coming years. Deep tech startups will drive innovation and forefront the broad structural transformation of the economy. So, it is great to see Indian startups like Devnagri continue to prove their resilience by establishing creative solutions that would lead to changes in the current society.[:]

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