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[:en]It’s a well-known fact that going beyond the language barrier can bring a diverse group of people together. Now, how can you break the barrier and expand your reach? The answer is simple: Devnagri is an AI-powered human translation and localization platform founded in 2017. We have the potential to convert bulk data within a set timeline in numerous languages, both Indian and international.

How Did the Journey Start? 

With a vision to help businesses, companies, and users who are not familiar with the English language, Devnagri came into existence as a prominent platform to take over the internet in native languages. Upon understanding that various users are deprived of technology due to the language barrier,  we incorporated the power of machine and workforce to deliver translation services and solutions. 

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Intending to bridge the gap for non-English users, we introduced a way for them to access the internet in their native languages. Devnagri assists businesses and the government to reach people of diverse backgrounds with ease. There is about 0.1% data in native languages on the internet; our goal is to make it up to 99% in time. 

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Such strong objectives and our efforts to bring changes in the industry have made us one of the chosen start-ups by Nasscom for funding and mentoring businesses working in the field of new-age technologies. With our dedication and hard work, we are on the right track to prove our relevancy by introducing creative solutions in the market that includes guidance, enterprise connectivity sessions, and necessary exposure to investors and the global start-up ecosystem. 

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Our founders, Nakul Kundra and Himanshu Sharma, with an experience of running successful technology company for more than a decade now, Fourtek IT Solutions, are looking forward to learning from the experienced mentors in the industry and expanding Devnagri exponentially on a global scale.

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What Does Devnagri Have to Offer? 

Long gone are the days when you needed to be dependent on basic translation tools to translate a website or document in your native language. Technology has evolved rapidly, and the translation industry has made the most of it. With rich experience, advanced knowledge, and hands-on industry practice, we take pride in calling ourselves the pioneers of the translation industry. 

We have the speed that is 5 times faster than ordinary translation without compromising on the quality and relevance part of the content. Our aim to convert the translation sector with a power-packed combination of AI and human specialization is thriving effectively. 

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Because of our expertise and a team of professionals, we are able to take different projects from different backgrounds and deliver a wide range of services like Website Localization, Document Translation, Mobile App Localization, Legal Translation, Media Translation, E-book Translation, Manual Translation, Voice Over Translation, Subtitle Translation, International Language Translation, and Transcription all under one domain. 

Our economic and scalable platform leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering suitable solutions and desired results to our valuable clients. 

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Team of Expert Translators & Developers 

In order to deliver the best of the best, we ensure to hire expert translators and developers who are well-versed in their industry and possess the expertise to meet our customers’ demands in the desired way. We have 5000+ freelance translators community who have delivered 20 Million+ words in a span of 8 months without compromising with the quality. 

Our professional lingual experts are well-aware of 22 Indian languages and 10 international languages allowing us to take different translation projects. Industries we serve are education, entertainment, e-commerce, legal affairs/tax/law, travel/tourism, economy/financial markets, technology/software, and health/biotechnology/pharma. We are also working with Indian government.

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Our primary goal is to attain 99% customer satisfaction, which we have been successfully gaining till now. Our clients have also appreciated and approved the quality work delivered from our end on the committed time frame. We have some of the topmost brands as our satisfied clients like Myntra, Hopscotch, Prestige, Career Launcher, HT Media, Rasna, C-DAC, and many more.  

Devnagri is taking the initiative to break the language barrier between countries and helping various brands and businesses to enter the global market. As the internet has overlapped the borders and brought us close, we can also help you take the right steps towards expanding your client base and reaching beyond borders. 

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Now that we are guided and supported by Nasscom, our solutions and services will improve for the betterment of our customer base. We will introduce innovative solutions to crack the international market and make your strong presence among the global audience. 


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