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India Emerging Deep Tech Global Hub

[:en]Undoubtedly, over the past decade, India has transformed itself in the digital forum drastically. As a result, the technology startup ecosystem has seen a prominent growth trajectory. Moreover, the ongoing tech revolution has surfaced deep technologies that will be at the forefront of the next wave of information disruption. It’s also the next major thing that both corporations and venture investors desire.  

DeepTech is a counterword for Deep Technologies. It’s a common term for technologies based on scientific or engineering developments and has the ability to be commercialized. They aim to solve the most complicated challenges worldwide. To put it simply, DeepTech refers to startups whose business objects are based on high-tech innovation employing the latest technological advances in several domains. Currently, 19% of tech startups are leveraging DeepTech solutions to construct product proficiencies for their market expansion.

Due to this, deep technology possesses the power to establish its own markets and disrupt existing industries. One of the main reasons why DeepTech companies are being built in India is the appearance of a cohesive ecosystem. Allowing the growth of these startups consist of the availability of talent and investors who are willing to support them. The major benefit of DeepTech solutions is their potential to shape the foundations for future industries that emerging markets such as India need. 

India Emerging Deep Tech Global Hub’, where the startup landscape in India is put under the spotlight. Devnagri Co-Founder, Himanshu Sharma took the initiative to talk about his journey of building his startup on a panel discussion on ‘India Emerging Deep Tech Global Hub’ on DD India. He explained how Devnagri has become a leading translation platform to help diverse industries and businesses reach more than 1 billion Indian internet users in their respective regional languages

Moreover, Himanshu Sharma is a social adept who has spent 12 years as an entrepreneur and acquired experience in almost every business area including, business strategy, marketing, operations, business intelligence and more. Most prominent recognitions include Winner NASSCOM-Emerge 50 League of 10 [2020] Featured by YourStory, Member Of NASSCOM DeepTech Club etc.

The significant challenges concerning DeepTech stem from the complications of the technology commercialization procedure and can be implanted into three broad categories; prolonged timeline, restricted availability of social and physical infrastructure, and lack of capital. That’s why Himanshu Sharma has taken multiple initiatives to encourage the AI-Technology revolution in India; his contribution to the Entrepreneurial Space is highly appreciated.

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