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[:en]On August 6, the Xperience-AI Summit was organized by the National Association of Software and Service Companies. The event was conceptualized to increase awareness, enthusiasm and promote innovative technology. Devnagri bags the award as theinnovators in the education category. Devnagri was recognized for its continuous innovation, efforts, and introduction of artificial intelligence in the translation and localization domain.

A major part of the Indian population finds it difficult to comprehend English due to a lack of accessibility. The awareness about the resources is limited amongst the masses. There is only around 0.1% of the web content that is available in the local languages. Moreover, companies are now acknowledging the power of localization, translation and its role in fostering the growth of the business.

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After intense research, market study and analysis, Devnagri proposed a solution which was to build a Neural Machine Translation (NMT) in Indian languages. NMT could enable one to convert the web content on the internet in Indian languages. Backed with advanced technology and techniques, NMT helps one to avoid the problem of having too much data for liftoff. The motive was to train the machine in context and speed up the translation process.

Devnagri Machine Translation ( DMT) uses AI-powered workflow to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the translation process. DMT also features a hybrid model of Natural language processing and a combination of contemporary ML techniques for translations. DMT strives to increase the number of words processed and control the operation cost too.

During the introduction of DMT, Devnagri faced some challenges such as the availability of data, translators, and cognizance of the importance of localization. The limited awareness about the benefits of translation restricted the reach of DMT. However, the increasing awareness and meticulousness of DMT was widely recognized and appreciated in the industry.

The company strives to keep pace with the latest upgrades in the translation sector. It envisions utilizing the supremacy of artificial intelligence to the fullest and sets new milestones with its technology-led translation services.

Devnagri converted around 30 million words in its first year of launch and 300 million corpora in the last year. It is associated with around 5000 translators for the accuracy check of corpora. It has structured an advanced machine translation engine in 14 Indian languages. The AI and human model of Devnagri have led to accurate, concise and efficient translations.[:]

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