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[:en]If you have lately been considering translation services or pursuing a career as a professional translator, you may have been wondering what are types of translation.

This article will describe the four different types of translation and how they function. However, it is important to realize that translation is a wide area, which means that if you wanted to, you could break down the various types of translation into dozens of distinct categories.

The four most common types of translation are as follows:

  • Literary translation
  • Professional translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Administrative translation

We go into more depth about each of them in the sections below so that you have a better grasp of what they are.

Literary Translation

As the term Literary translation suggests, this kind of translation is concerned with the translation of literary works such as tales, poetry, plays, etc. This type of translation is often regarded as the most difficult or most complete since the translator must accurately convey the content of the words and the context, tone, and emotion conveyed by the words.

By this, we also mean that you should be familiar with the cultures of both languages well enough to interpret any humour, emotions, or other such aspects in a piece of work accurately.

The amount of information and expertise required for this is, as you would expect, considerable. Furthermore, it may still be difficult even after that since there are certain instances in which there are no appropriate translations. For example, in poetry, when the rhyming of words or puns is used to add more wordplay, it is often found that it does not function in the target language.

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Professional translation

Professional translation is the next type of translation to be discussed. We would consider ourselves to be in this group if we were to translate anything for a professional purpose of any kind. A medical translation or a legal translation are two examples of what is often done.

The primary aim in this situation is typically to ensure that all of the material is translated as precisely as possible. In contrast to literary translations, papers will not include any wordplay, such as puns or rhymes, which will make the translator’s job a little bit simpler.

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However, accuracy is essential for any professional translation, particularly in sectors where the implications of errors might be catastrophic, such as medical or legal translation, where the consequences of inaccuracies could be catastrophic.

Complicated professions, such as those mentioned above, may often need an expert to guarantee accuracy. Of course, this is dependent on the subject matter, but the more complicated the original language is, the more trained the translator must be to communicate effectively.

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Technical Translation

Technical translations are, as the name implies, equally technical. When we speak about technical content translation for companies, we’re typically referring to things like These kinds of papers will almost always need technical translation services since the translator must have a thorough understanding of the subject matter to advise the user on what to do properly.

Not only that, but they also need to be aware of the formatting requirements, and pictures may need to be modified to be understood in the target language, among other things. Choosing a technical translation firm or a transcriptionist familiar with and skilled in your field is also critical if you need a technical translation.

Because the content of a technical translation is often very complex, if your company ever needs any papers translated similar to those listed above, this is the kind of translation you should seek.

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Administrative translation

The administrative translation is a translation used for papers and management texts produced by organizations such as corporations or regional companies.

Administrative translations may be thought of as a subset of the professional translations category. However, since not all professional translations are administrative, this approach does not function well in reverse.[:]

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