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Legal translation is crucial, and getting bulk experts in this field is a challenging task. With Devnagri, it becomes easy to get quality work done at high speed. Combination of AI-powered platform and legal experts make us a perfect company to work with.

Expert legal translators

Certified professionals with years of experience with native lingual command are available at Devnagri in volume. We created the team after strict evaluation to have the best in our association

Data privacy

With Devnagri, legal translation documents are safe and secure. We do not provide any third party access to the data of our clients. We make sure that all the work remain confidential.


We are committed to provide legal document translation at an effective price. Our delivery timelines are pre-calculated and we deliver quality work with the given duration.


Quality document conversion service can only be rated when the consistency is available throughout the order. Our platform helps to keep the consistency in files, it is our priority.

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Getting legal translation

Legal document translation is an essential aspect for those involved with government tenders, cases, accounts, finance, etc. The filing of such documents requires a professional and certified translation work so that the customer and the authorities could sync. It is a significant responsibility and should be handled by professionals. Devnagri, a language platform in India, caters to this need. Our platform can accept multiple files that can be ordered in different regional languages to get the conversion done within the shortest possible time, along with proofreading. Accuracy is an essential component while changing such contents, at Devnagri legal translation is given a top-notch priority so that customers could get a satisfactory outcome for the orders placed. The user is required to follow four simple steps and get the work done.

Professional human translation

  • Over 2100+ legal experts with command over natal linguals
  • Certified experienced translators in every language

Devnagri translation management

  • Automated system with complete order cycle available online
  • Dashboard with project and order details
  • Easy management system to use

Project management team

  • Support team is available to make the transition easy
  • 24/7 help available for resolving all queries

CLI integration

  • Get instant translation embedded in software and application using CLI system
  • Developer friendly platform helps to bring down the transition cost

4 simple steps

Get instant translation following these steps.

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