Differences Between Globalization And Localization

[:en]In business, you often come across the words like globalization and localization. The two terms differ from each other in many different aspects.

Globalization is when a company or firm moves its business operations on the global platform localization on the other hand refers to firms and organizations that make their goods and services available for the local people.

It is important to understand the differences between globalization and localization today.

In this context, you will get familiar with some important aspects of both these terms.

What does localization stand for?

Any company, firm or organization may have its resources or products. If the company makes use of its resources to benefit or meet the needs of the local people, then it is localizing.

The firms that want to get local will ensure that all their resources are made available for the local population.

The company may choose to make changes to its contents, pitching and services it is best for the local people. The companies that decide to go local will implement changes in many different areas in their business processes.

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What is the concept of globalization?

Globalization term in itself refers to going global. Firms and organizations that are planning for globalization may want to extend the reach of their business operations and services to the entire world.

These are also the companies that may not follow any single culture or trend. They ensure that they develop products or services that will meet the needs of the global population.

Supported cultural trends

The first very difference between the two terms can be understood the moment you study the company culture. If the organization or firm follows localization, then it will only follow the cultural trends of the local culture.

The company may not have to train its employees to follow the companies culture, as the employees come from the local community. They are already aware of the trend. The company may usually hire people coming from one or two cultures only.

Globalization on the other hand does not limit itself to one single culture. The company will accept people coming from different cultural backgrounds.

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Language barriers

In general, when the company follow localization, it not face many language barriers. Language and cultures are the big differences between globalization and localization.

Companies that follow this trend usually implement work schedules and other details in the local language. But if the company is focusing on globalization, then it has to stay open to accept language barriers.

These companies may try and hire a local translation team. They may even make use of technology and encourage employees to use the latest translation apps and devices.

Globalization will always welcome people from different languages to integrate and work together.

Most corporate sectors today deploy multicultural trends. So they have to implement a lot of techniques to help them overcome the language barriers.

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Employment status

Companies that focus on localization will usually hire a workforce from the local area or region. They may not encourage hiring cross border workforce.

But at present time, most companies focus on extending the operations in other countries as well.

They do business with clients who are in other countries. So they have to hire workforce from other countries as well. Companies that get established as globalized firms will often hire people from different regions and countries.

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Manufacturing products

Some companies that operate only for the local market will focus on the needs and requirements of the buyers in the local market. They may conduct a survey and collect the likes and expectations of the local people.

They purchase resources and raw materials from the local market suppliers only. They will always focus on local market demands and the local economy.

But globalization will help companies set the foot in the international market. You can search for more information related to the differences between globalization and localization online.[:]

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