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e-Learning translation
Why eLearning Platforms Are Looking For Translation Solutions? 

There has been a significant rise in e-learning translation platforms and solutions in the last few years. Before the pandemic, the switch from in-person classroom learning to online learning was already well underway. Because of this, many companies have realized how important

translation API
Translation API: The Best Tool To Expand Your Website’s Reach

[:en]The world is increasingly globalized, making it easier for a business to cross its borders. The physical limits are getting smaller, but there is still a problem in the internationalization of a business: the language. Therefore, solutions such as translation

app localization
Do You Think App Localization Is Really Necessary? Tips That Will Help!

[:en]Let’s assume that you work in a dynamically developing company with a young and ambitious team of like-minded people. You are developing an interesting product and have already thought more than once about bringing your offspring to new markets. But

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