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translation API
Translation API: The Best Tool To Expand Your Website’s Reach

[:en]The world is increasingly globalized, making it easier for a business to cross its borders. The physical limits are getting smaller, but there is still a problem in the internationalization of a business: the language. Therefore, solutions such as translation

transliteration API
Transliteration API: A Major Help In The New Era of Technology

[:en]Unsurprisingly, communication has long transcended geographic barriers. Due to globalization, social interactions, especially in their global scope, have been intensified, considerably increasing connections. There were several changes in this new global context, starting with the business world, which significantly expanded

book translation services
Book Translation Services for Authors: Reach Out New Audience

[:en]It is very common nowadays for book authors to translate their books into other languages, thus helping to spread their image and spread their art and stories to different cultures in other countries. With the advancement of technology, the publishing

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