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mobile app localization
What Is Mobile App Localization And Why Is It So Important?

[:en]The inception of smartphones in the early 1990s, and their consequent glamorization by Steve Jobs in 2007, has irrevocably transformed the world. The boon of technology has breezed past people’s lives from every nook and corner of the world. However,

App Translation
From App Translation to Website Localization The Vitality of Local Influences in the 21st Century

[:en]Someone wise once quoted that humans do not fear the unknown; rather, they fear their projection of the unknown. The ever-pervasive pang that is synonymous with anything foreign is a ubiquitous phenomenon that transcends ‘human’ boundaries. For centuries, ‘alienation’ and

Mobile App Localization
Mobile App Localization Is Indispensable To Grow Your Business

[:en]People know what they want, and they want it quick. Here is where mobile applications score over the other mediums. Apps are fast, enhance the user experience, are cost-effective and convenient, and these are some reasons why they are preferred.

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