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From App Translation to Website Localization The Vitality of Local Influences in the 21st Century

[:en]Someone wise once quoted that humans do not fear the unknown; rather, they fear their projection of the unknown. The ever-pervasive pang that is synonymous with anything foreign is a ubiquitous phenomenon that transcends ‘human’ boundaries. For centuries, ‘alienation’ and

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The Rising Significance of Website Localization Over The Globe

[:en]The Rising Significance of Website Localization Over The Globe :  The 21st century has been a watershed when it comes to communication and inter-connectivity. The internet has veritably revolutionized the world by converting it into a global village. The physical


[:en]A wise man once said, “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” Communication is the key to a successful bond, and your business venture is no exception. Diversity is the marker of the contemporary era, and the

How to Grow Your Small Business across India with Localization

[:en]Let’s start by introducing the term “Localization.” Theoretically, localization means reshaping or reconstructing a product or service to suit the requirement of a particular section of buyers and making it available for the population of that place. The main motive

Language is such a barrier that does not let your business get down to the core of every corner of the world. If you are looking to do business in India, then you should have multiple bilingual supports. India is not only versatile with its culture but also with language. A total of seven hundred and eighty languages are spoken in India. If you want to do business in India, you should have bilingual supports in most of these languages. If you can overcome the language barrier of India, you can win people's hearts and do business in every region of India. After Hindi Bengali being the second popular language of India is spoken by more than 90.7 Millon people. Apart from India Bengali language is carried by over 243 million people. The eastern zone of India is most prominent in this scale of language popularity. Including West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, you can rule over the entire western belt of India if you have bilingual support to Bengali language and can market your company and services or products with the local language. Every business has its own rule and ethics; bit marketing of every business has some standard norms, which include overcoming the language barrier if you want to win over people's hearts locally. Whether it is a product or a service, you can reach to common people with the help of language. It is because several people are not fluent in other popular languages of India, which is Hindi and English. If you can advertise your service or product in regional languages like Bengali, you can make them understand what is all about and get more customer base in every region. Why should you translate English to Bengali? As it is already mentioned that Bengali is the second popular language of India, it is spoken by millions of people. If your business needs to connect with the common people, then you should produce content or services in regional languages like Bengali. To reach out maximum crowd of eastern zone of India, you should take Bengali as the common language. You can feel the power of the local language only when you will provide the services or market your company in that particular language. Now you can easily translate the entire content, website, software in Bengali. Here is the solution discussed. How can you make this happen? If you want to over the language barrier, you need to have bilingual support, which you can get from companies like Devnagri. Who is dealing with hundreds of clients globally? You can handover this translation of English to Bengali and advertise or market your company and its products with the regional language Bengali. The process is very simple, efficiently productive. How can Devnagri help you? Devnagri offers and online process of language translation, which runs through simple steps, and they are famous for showing productive results. Localizing your company does not always mean to be located in that region. You can translate several strategies and visible content in Bengali and make it reach the common people. They will take your work online, proceed with it, and will deliver it online, which makes it easy to connect overseas and get the job done as soon as possible. How does it work? The translation process offered by Devnagri initiates with signing on the website and creating your account. Once you are done with your account setup, you would upload the files which you want to get translated in Bengali or any other languages. Then you would make the order for translations giving all instructions. After that, you would wait for the process to get completed and give you the translated files. After a specific time, you will get the translated files in soft copies, which is downloadable. Contents translated by Devnagri Not only they translate, but they also help to customize several software and contents which is beneficial for localizing a business. They will help you with website localization. By translating the website content, they will localize your website for a specific region. They translate documents to communicate with the local people through the blog or anything another document. You can localize an app with the content translated into local language like Bengali with the help of Devnagri. They also translate legal documents, media contents, eBooks. They offer the service of manual translation and translation over voice. For movies, you can hire them because they provide a translation of subtitles in all international languages. Don't you think all these services are necessary to spread your business globally? If you talk about India, you should be focussing on the prominent languages of India like Bengali. You want to deal with the people of Bengal and reach your service, product, or content to the Bengali people you should be hiring a company like Devnagri. They are fast, efficient, scalable, developer-friendly, pocket-friendly, and deliver quality work. What more you can expect from a company that offers translation services in such a great deal. If you are looking for good business deals, who are professional and know the work process, you can check out their progress graph. It will amaze you. The balance of translation, human effort, and artificial intelligence brings along a perfect delivery, which will make you satisfied. They work with certified human translations. The best part is the human sense applied while translating. If any software translates the content, then it may not be that feeling in the reader, but in the case of translation by a human, the sentences are more active on the reader. Devnagri is a new but highly experienced company that offers you a bunch of translating services that can serve multiple industries. You can come up with any content and get it translated with Devnagri. Get into the roots of India with Indian languages. You can feel the colors, culture, taste of India only if you can get through the language barrier. Get translation services and translate the needful from English to Bengali with Devnagri.
English to Bengali translation: A must for doing business in India

[:en]English to Bengali Translation : Language is such a barrier that does not let your business get down to the core of every corner of the world. If you are looking to do business in India, then you should have

Language Translation
Invest in Language Translation to Grow Your Business

[:en]These days, Businesses of different sizes handle a multi-ethnic market. The location of the business doesn’t matter as consumers who speak various languages will utilize their products and services. However, it is normal to feel intimidated in the beginning by

Importance of Voice over in Translation and Localization

[:en] In today’s digital world video content is considered one of the most effective ways to connect companies with their target audience. At present, there are numerous options like social media, podcasts, and advertisements but nothing can beat video content

multilingual content management system
Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Multilingual CMS?

[:en]Over 80% of the global internet users were comfortable using English as the prime language for communication. Almost all the websites were using the same language. By the end of 2010, merely 27.3% of global internet users were using English

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Localization Company For English to Hindi Translation In Delhi – Devnagri

[:en]Devnagri, is a localization company in Delhi that brings an opportunity for all Indian language translators to work for English to Hindi and other lingual transformations. The company happens to have a motto that is derived to bring the content

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Online Translation Service From English To Tamil In India At Devnagri

[:en]English being a most common spoken and written language has been a primary mode of marketing the product & services. But, the time is changing now, vernacular diversification is playing an important role in putting up the marketing strategies. For

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