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Five Reasons Why You Need App Localization?

Let us say you have made a mobile app that gets excellent reviews and has the most downloads. If that is the case, it might be time to think about expanding your market with trustworthy mobile app localization. By investing money

Mobile App Localization
Mobile App Localization Is Indispensable To Grow Your Business

[:en]People know what they want, and they want it quick. Here is where mobile applications score over the other mediums. Apps are fast, enhance the user experience, are cost-effective and convenient, and these are some reasons why they are preferred.

(Punjabi) Top Translation Companies in India – How Regional Language Benefits

[:en]For the clients interested in getting Indian regional language translation service we have catered the top companies and other important facts about them. Translation services are gaining a huge demand in India, the companies are catering the customer need of

How to Get Online Translation From English to Hindi Frugally

[:en]Online professional translation from English to Hindi has been in demand since the past few years. The solution has been integrated to make the transition frugal. In today’s world, a lot of translation is being done using machine open source

Devnagri – An Online Translation Platform/Software Catering Indian Languages

[:en]Devnagri is an online translation service platform that helps in Indian language translation via software exclusively developed according to the needs for clients & translators. India is a nation where every business idea gets a huge clientele base to woo

Devnagri Selected @ NASSCOM 2018

[:en][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]NASSCOM is celebrating its 15th Anniversary of supporting the new innovative ideas in the field of development with technology. This year, Devnagri is pleased to announce that it will be the part of this event at Bangalore, India on 25th

Why Should I get mobile App Translation? Top Reasons To Go Local

[:en]Mobile app localization/translation is a process that helps in reaching out to the audience in a better way. Applications developed in Android/iOS can be translated using our services. In this changing world of technology translation is becoming trendy to capture

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