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What is transliteration
What is transliteration? Why transliteration is needed to learn new languages?

[:en]Languages are fundamental when it comes to communication. But have you ever found yourself in a group of people speaking a language you don’t understand? It feels odd and left out. Learning how to speak a new language transliteration is

voice over translation
Take Your Business Global With Online Voice Over Translation

[:en]Videos are one of the most engaging media that can help businesses communicate with their users. With the expansion to newer territories, businesses often feel the need of translating their video content to the language of the native audience. Such

English to Hindi translation
Outsource English To Hindi Translation To A Reputed Firm

[:en]A reputed English to Hindi Translation service provider will not just capture the nuances of the source language but also its mood and rhythm. Businesses look out for professional translation services that can enhance the value of the source content.

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