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[:en]Someone wise once quoted that humans do not fear the unknown; rather, they fear their projection of the unknown.

The ever-pervasive pang that is synonymous with anything foreign is a ubiquitous phenomenon that transcends ‘human’ boundaries. For centuries, ‘alienation’ and ‘unfamiliarity’ have handicapped large chunks of the world population, and it is only recently that humanity could recognize a systemic.

Concerted efforts are made globally to make every space more accommodative. Long strides are undertaken to transform physical and virtual areas into habitable spaces for all those who are different and diverse from the ostensible ‘norm.’

For example, public washrooms are being made trans-inclusive, streets lights are constructed on deserted areas for women’s safety, social media platforms like Instagram are trying to quell online trolling, and businesses are moving towards aggressive localization.

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Gauging ‘familiarity’ for people, otherwise considered insignificant, is a post-modern trend that will only strengthen in the future. We can see the rise of numerous ventures trying to reach new audiences incorporating website localization, translation, and so forth.

If you desire to dive deeper into the world of inclusivity in the virtual realm, read ahead as we have got your interests covered.

Gauging ‘familiarity’ for people, otherwise considered insignificant, is a post-modern trend that will only strengthen in the future.

We can see the rise of numerous ventures trying to reach new audiences incorporating localization, translation, and so forth. If you desire to dive deeper into the world of inclusivity in the virtual realm, read ahead as we have got your interests covered.

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The Basics of Localization

Localization is a reasonably common terminology that we use in our everyday lexicon. It means adopting a product, service, site, or content to match the socio-cultural and linguistic tastes of a particular ‘locale.’ But scratching beneath the surface reveals nuances that are utterly transformative.

The process of localizing a site entails tweaking the flagship content to suit the unique preferences of audiences that are different from the initially intended population. We can assert that localization is the opposite of globalization, but the former strengthens the latter and vice versa, particularly post-modern.

It is noteworthy to mention that localization is more than translation. In addition to words and grammar, localizing any entity involves changing the direction of the text, colors of the font, altering the images, videos, and sounds, and personalizing scenarios and examples to make everything more relatable.

Furthermore, modifying graphics and designs to encapsulate the new language, converting local currencies, measurement units, formats of time and date, and addressing local and legal requirements are also vital aspects of localization. If you are looking for website localization, be attentive to socio-cultural nuances pertinent to your region of interest.

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Do you need localization?

Localization is for anyone attempting to expand their business and reach new clientele. Localized content is more relatable and compels audiences to bask in its appeal. Studies reveal that 75 percent of netizens are more likely to purchase from a website whose customer care services are in their native languages.

Cross-cultural expansion without considering localization is hollow and short-termed. It is proven that localization increases profitability, enhances reputation, and enables a company to forge an earmarked position in the market.

In case you are on the hunt for mobile app translation, make sure to opt for an agency specializing in that particular field of localization.

We can say that localization catalyzes socio-cultural and linguistic unity that has the potential to skyrocket your business. It is a boon for international claim and success, and not merely as an additional expenditure.

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The profits of localization far outweigh its costs. Some of the veritable advantages of localization are –

  • A tremendous increase in sales has to be the number one advantage of localizing. More and more customers automatically become a part of your brand through localization that is swift and influential. Studies illustrate that 40 percent of Internet users will never purchase any service or product from a site that is not in their vernacular language. Such glaring figures reflect the paramount importance of localization in the 21st Century.
  • Another factor that will motivate you to invest in localization is global domination. Reaching out to international audiences with content and products compatible with their tastes, preferences, and socio-cultural setup will surely help calcify a firm position in the global market. Every business requires website localization and other related processes from multi-million dollar MNCs like PepsiCo and McDonalds to local startups.
  • Better ROI is a crucial merit of localization. If you are struggling in a foreign market, localization is the ‘knight in shining armor to sweep away your marketing woes. Numbers don’t lie, and 57 percent of customers stated that the ability to procure information is more important than price. Moreover, many businesses are still unable to peer beyond English-centrism, and localizing will, undoubtedly, give you the first-mover advantage in many professional realms.

Thus, we can convincingly state that localization is a foolproof weapon that yields insurmountable benefits. It is a device that should be utilized by any business aiming to reach newer summits. If you seek app translation, you might want to consider Oceania and Africa as the crux of emerging markets.

Types of localization

Let’s finally delve into the Nitty-gritty of localization types and what they encompass.

Website localization – It is the process of adapting a website to match the linguistic, social, cultural, and ethnic preferences of an audience different from the initially intended clientele of the website.

The unprecedented avalanche of Internet services has galvanized website localization and turned it into an inevitable step for professional success and global expansion. The phenomenal potential of site localization can be extracted from the fact 76 percent of netizens prefer to read product descriptions in their local language.

If you are looking for website localization services, make sure to choose an agency with positive reviews, experience in your business niche, and credible certification.

Mobile App Translation – It is the process of customizing an application for different regions. Linguistic barriers plaque the mobile app industry, making it imperative to choose app translation for worldwide appeal.

Statistics show that 72 percent of potential mobile app users do not speak English. Thus, catering to a non-English speaking audience is crucial for more downloads, reach, and a global footfall. Some of the top languages for translating apps include Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Malay, etc.

If you are looking to hire mobile app translation services, transparent policies, communicative staff, reasonable prices, and accommodative practices are some of the qualities you should be scouring for.

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Movie LocalizationSubtitling and dubbing are critical steps to market a movie to global audiences. In the contemporary world, the concept of international cinema has taken the world as a whole by storm. It is no surprise to witness the rising popularity of video subtitling and dubbing services.

Localization plays an essential role in bridging gaps formed by unfamiliarity and alienation. The industry is growing at an exponential helping to make the world a more inclusive place. While looking for website localization, make sure to indulge in price comparisons and market finalizing on any agency.[:]

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