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[:en]Videos are one of the most engaging media that can help businesses communicate with their users. With the expansion to newer territories, businesses often feel the need of translating their video content to the language of the native audience. Such high-precision translation can only be performed by expert voice over translation services with highly-skilled staff.

The content does not only require translation into another language, it also requires to be adapted as per the local audience. This means that the accent, pronunciation and diction have to be perfected as well. This is why you have to hire the best and most experienced translation agency to help you with your voice overs.

Need For Translation

Globalization has helped businesses reach a worldwide audience. The key to interacting efficiently with them is translation. Whether it’s for videos or written documents, the need for translation in business is paramount.

An important type of translation service that an expert agency can provide you with is Voice over translation. It involves providing audio for the original content in the desired language.

The voice over artist has to be selected after analyzing all the aspects of the video. What is the target audience like? What type of content are you translating? What type of translation are you looking for? etc. are some important questions that you need to find the answer for before hiring a voice over artist.

Voice over translation is a very important component of any global business. This type of translation could be required for any of the following forms of videos-

  • Corporate videos
  • eLearning content
  • Audiobooks
  • Video games
  • Animations
  • Audio tours

Translation is critical for communicating effortlessly with the audience. It also aids in communicating effectively with employees when you expand your business to another region.

This is why most businesses that are expanding their operations to a foreign marketplace are investing in the high-quality translation of all aspects of their business. From documents to digital media, everything has to be accurately translated if you wish to make it relatable for the foreign audience.

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Advantages Over Other Methods:

Producing voice over content is preferred over subtitling or transcribing videos. The reasons for these are listed below-

Subtitles make the whole process inconvenient for the users. It can be problematic to keep up with the subtitles, especially if several speakers are involved. They also take a lot of space on the screen and cause distraction. The right tone/mood of the speaker is also difficult to be conveyed with the help of subtitles.

Providing a written transcript also has its own disadvantages. The audience may miss important verbal cues which can help them relate to the video better. It can also be tedious to read a language and listen to another one at the same time.

The body language of the speaker is also an important aspect of the video. If the user is bus reading the written transcript, they are more likely to miss these non-verbal cues.

These disadvantages of subtitling and transcribing make Online Voice Over Translation a highly sought-after option for appealing to an international client base. It is effective, affordable and produces great results.

Types Of Voice Over Translation:

The type of voice over that you would require for your business depends on the targeted audience and the type of content you wish to deliver to them. The different types of techniques that can be adopted include:

  • UN style technique- This is one of the most popular types of voice-overs. The technique is used in speeches, e-learning videos, documentaries etc. The original audio is played at a feeble volume in the background of the video, and the translated audio is played at a higher volume.
  • Voice replacement- If you want your translated video to have proper sync, you should try voice replacement in which involves re-recording of the audio. The original speakers in the video are muted.
  • Lip-syncing- With the expertise of a well-trained translator, you can dub your videos in whatever language you require.
  • Actor replacement- If your focus is on the entire performance of the video and not just the audio, this is the best type of translation. Although it costs a little more, actor replacement is the most effective way of appealing to the native audience.

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The Process Of Voice Over Translation:

This type of translation requires the help of professional voice over translation agencies that can effortlessly translate your video content in a variety of regional languages. The process of producing voice over for any video include-

  • The first step involves transcribing the audio. This script is then translated into the desired languages.
  • The script is then proofread and edited to match the client’s requirements.
  • The next step is choosing the voice over talent that would be best suitable.
  • The audio is then recorded and embedded into the original video.

All of these high-precision steps requires the expertise of a highly-qualified professional. You have to secure the right voice talent to make sure that the tone or intent of the video is not altered.

How Can It Affect Your Business?

Businesses have now begun to realize the need for Online Voice Over Translation to form a loyal consumer base. Some of the significant advantages of incorporating voice over translation in your videos are listed below-

  • Encouraging Trust- Earning credibility in front of a foreign audience is easier if you interact with them in their language. Users are more willing to make purchases from businesses that speak their native language.
  • Effective Communication- To ensure that the accurate message gets relayed from your end to the users, you need the help of linguistic experts. Procuring the right voice talent will help you incorporate the required cultural nuances in your video.
  • Increased Reach- By translating your content into the native language of the region, you can ensure that it reaches more people. This has a significant effect on your traffic and ROI.
  • Engaged Audience- Videos are one of the most effective ways of influencing the user’s decisions. By choosing a voice over artist, you can make it more relatable for the targeted audience. They are able to understand your business better, which creates a sense of trust and loyalty.

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Why Should You Only Hire An Expert Service?

Hiring a professional Voice Over Translation service is absolutely critical for your business. These experts can help ensure that your video matches the likes of the foreign audience. Understanding the culture of the audience and being able to portray it accurately can only be done with the help of professionals well-skilled in the targeted language.

Video content is one of the most effective ways of delivering your intended message to the targeted audience. If you do not invest in quality translation, the original message of the video could get misinterpreted, and you will not get your desired results.

By hiring an experienced agency such as Devnagri for your Online Voice Over Translation needs, you can significantly improve your business’ engagement in a foreign marketplace. If you aspire to appeal to new markets, you need to translate your video content effectively. Choose a company with a well-trained team of professionals to ensure accuracy and quality of the translated content.[:]

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