It is convenient to expand businesses on a global scale these days. No one is restricted to one particular area and is always looking to expand and expand their market. Globalization, in all aspects, is the order of the day. However, when you go from one place to another, you cannot keep the same approach throughout. Customer preference and requirements vary from place to place. It is important to look at the business with a new perspective so that the local people from a particular area are appropriately targeted.

One very important entity in this aspect is the kind of language that is spoken. Although English is considered to be a global language, the appealing factor is less when compared to the regional language spoken in an area. Even if you take different places in Europe itself, even though English is prevalent, businesses with local propaganda will gain more impetus in the market. It is not possible to be fluent in all languages in the world. It is an even worse tactic to try and translate on your own. The chances of it being a debacle are quite ripe. There is no need to worry though. Nowadays, the services of translation firms are available quite conveniently. They are specialized in thinking from a business point of view when performing translational procedures. On appointing the correct firm for the above-said purposes you can penetrate the local market effectively. This measure is also guaranteed to give you success in many aspects.

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There is a catch though. How do you know which translation firm is best suited for your business? It is all the more confusing because of the number of options available these days. It is bound to cost money and adequate resources along with time. You will also have to ensure that the firm you employ provides legal translation services. Therefore, how do you make the correct decision? There are some features that you need to consider. They have been discussed in detail below.

Factor 1- Are the translations done by a human or a machine?

Although automation is a recent trend, it is not a good idea to introduce it everywhere. It is applicable in translation firm business as well. Therefore, the first thing you be checked is who does the translation? Is it a human translator or a machine? The problem with the machine translation is that it takes each word and translates it into the local language, without keeping any context in mind. When a human translator is present, he or she understands what the company is trying to convey through a message. They will also be in a position to know if some words or phrases are unacceptable or offensive in some places and then either eliminate or reframe it. Your chances of angering the local people unknowingly will be minimal when the firm has a human translator at their disposal. Thus, cultural differences are taken into proper account here.

Factor 2- What is the industry that they specialize in?

Different industries have different linguistic requirements. When you look at any business organization, there will be some specialized terms that will apply only to a particular industry. It might mean nothing or something opposite to someone else. Therefore, you need to find out what type of industry the firm specializes in. Suppose the firm chosen does not comply with your company, chances are high that the translation will sound artificial. If it does sound artificial, it will not appeal to the audience. You have to assume the fact that the common public is smart and cannot be easily fooled. Therefore, the accuracy of the translation is a very important factor to be considered. This is especially important when your industry is on the technical side, like being related to the medical or engineering field. Words and phrases play an important role here and can actually make or break the reputation of the company. Therefore, choose one with a solid experience in the same and you will have one less headache to deal with.

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Factor 3- What kind of experience they have in the past?

One thing that you look at when hiring someone for a job is the past experience they have. This theory is applicable to hiring a translation firm as well. Yes, freshers should be given their due chance but someone who has a good hold of the work is always better. There are some minute intricacies that are present with respect to translation. To the common man, it may not sound very significant. However, the one with experience will have a knack to figure out any discrepancies that might be missed otherwise. Moreover, someone with past experience will know the positive side as well as the negative aspects of different types of translation. Since they have prior knowledge, they will be able to make an informed judgment in an even better manner. There is one more factor that is to be considered here. Translation done by firms with good past experience will have good credibility. You might not need to even get it proof-checked by your in-house staff. Thus, it saves a lot of time and the use of human resources.

Factor 4- How much time do they take to complete a work?

There is a very famous saying that time is money and it is really applicable in any field of business. Sometimes the requirement of the work is such that it needs to be done immediately. The firm should have a reputation to be capable of dealing with such situations. Even in general, they should be able to meet deadlines and not delay their translation job. There have been scenarios where a delay of a day or two has led to a company facing losses worth millions. Different types of translation jobs have different numbers of steps. For example, for eBook translation services, proofreading as well as improving the copies becomes extremely crucial. The firm should plan accordingly so that they can still meet deadlines. The business organization and the translation firm should build a good rapport so that the need to be on time and the urgency is properly comprehended.

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Factor 5- Are they specialized in transcreation as much as a translation?

Just being able to translate may not be enough in some cases. Like mentioned before, certain terms and phrases may have different meanings in different local areas. A very good example of the disaster that may be caused by it is the translation done for the tagline of KFC in China. After translation, the ‘finger-licking good’ became ‘ Eat your fingers off ‘ which completely changed the perspective of the sentence. A good translation firm would take the nuances into consideration and work. Having a sound knowledge of the different cultural innuendos of a local place is extremely important. Only the best translation firms give enough importance to transcreation as well as translation. Therefore, while making your choice, you should ensure that the translation firm has a reputation for it.

It must have become clear by now that when you choose a translation firm, a sound knowledge of the local language and culture is imperative. Therefore, do your research well and make your choice only if they fulfill all the above-mentioned factors adequately.