Digital world has seen a lot of growth and influence on branding & other activities. Indian economy has been influenced by the digital movement and it is now project that India Digital Economy will reach up to $1 Trillion by 2022. This is a huge amount that the country is looking at and it cannot be neglected in any way. To achieve this there are many factors that come into play thus, Digital India Summit 2019 is going to be held on 12th of March 2019.

Digital India Summit 2019

Initiated by Times Network this will be the 5th Edition in the line of Digital India Summits, this event has always projected the track which the current generation is following while setting the new trends for the world. The event shall focus majorly on how the digital world has evolved, it being opportunity for young generation and what all issues can there be while achieving the set goal.

The worth in monetary terms is defined to be $1 Trillion by 2022, while the areas that can be approached with digital technology are numerous. Now, this being the point needs concern and nurture from various decision makers and this event will help all such people to combine and present the current happenings along with their impact on future. This shall be an event worth to join for all those who are making their career in digital world and want to look at all the future possibilities that may help them in growing better.

It is expected that many notable members shall join this event along with:

  • Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad – Union Minister for Law & Justice and Electronics & Information Technology
  • Amitabh Kant From NITI Aayog
  • Rajkiran Rai G. From Union Bank of India
  • M K Anand From Times Network

Being major speakers of the event. The complete list of speakers at Digital India Summit 2019 can be checked here.

Devnagri At Digital India Summit 2019

As Devnagri has always attended events that care about Indian economy, countrymen and bringing new opportunities for young guns, this shall be another star in the line of enlightenment and networking towards the same. Devnagri has always batted for Indian languages and importance of brands being vernacular for serving the public in a better way. Here also we shall be helping all the brands in building the strength of their product and service with multilingual branding. This event holds the major concern of Digital path that India is running on right now, the vernacular power gives it firm roots and the way to move in target direction.

We hope to network the same concern among the notable member of the market so that this message could be spread at larger scale and people could understand the advantage of being vernacular. The industries landing their products & services digitally in India shall cater in different languages so that they could attract the lingually diversified customers of the nation.

Our team shall be the part of event to get the guidance and support along with knowledge sharing about Devnagri, how it works and what all as in opportunity it holds for coming generation. We are very positive on getting new business relations through this event and are looking forward for the mutual success.