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Website translation services are being catered by many vendors in India, this has been majorly trending from past two three years due to the bending of the rules to serve the customers in their own language. Now, due to the rise in demand there has been quite a soar in number of the vendors providing lingual services. Devnagri is revolutionizing the way language industry use to work to make things better for the clients.

While getting the services a lot of hidden cost may get involved by local vendors or freelancers which may turn to be a nightmare in long terms. With no central price and planning the pricing and budget allocation becomes fuzzy. This makes the vendors extract non-linear profits from the client and make the market bumpy for others. Money being the pain point for the clients must be taken into consideration before proposing the plans, but this practice seems to be fading away. So, what all are the tricky sets which curbs and draw differences in offered and billed costings? Some of these are mentioned further.


  • Exclusive Language Combination
    There are many language combinations that are hard to find. This is due to the rare use or the distance that has to be mapped through another language. Involvement of another language as a bridge affects the final cost as the two jobs are being marked internally. This is a very precise case where the modulation in final pricing is made.
  • Amount of Data
    The usual standard persist that the small content or irregular content cost more as compared to regular bulk content. The cost of engagement of the professional involved gets changed due to which this is makes a major mark. The experienced professionals are costly to higher and if it is for a really short term then an exclusive time can cost even more. Project life cycle of a translation and then proofread can only be down if it exist in the long run along with bulk requirement.
  • Nature of Content
    This is another major impact maker with which the companies can increase the cost. Finding the subject matter expert with the proven vernacular strength is very hard. And finding a bunch of those can even be more complicated as well as expensive. Thus the cost of the lingual transformation can change to a much spikes.
  • Tools & Platform
    Tools and platforms to accept different file formats and return with the same formatting. Or a way to show the real time progress, such tools cost the industry and thus they attach hidden charges to balance this pricing. This is the way in which the cost is added without even the clarification to the customer.

Devnagri As A Solution

For website translation services in India, Devnagri is a recommended resource as it has a strength of subject matter experts with no hidden charges. A flat plan and pricing is involved in the case of Devnagri and we can be ellasti about it in the case of bulk content. Our indigineous platform is available without any additional charges involved and we never extort any amount in the name of keeping the document a secret or making it exclusive as well as well priority content.[:]

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