With modern technology, it became possible for different business models to reach the new depths of the market. How online translation service in bringing the change, is discussed further.

Internet And Translation In India:

Internet was earlier accessible to the limited part of Indian society. The recent reforms increased its approachability to the most regions of the country, resulting in the notable hike of the users. This market changed the way of publishing and promoting the products & services online. To touch the ground of a multilingual nation, the professional translation service providers have lent their support to various national and international brands by giving words to the business.

Technical Advancement of Translation:

With the invention of AI (Artificial Intelligence), came a change in the way of transcribing the message. Since the early 90’s there has been a trend to automate this process and to eliminate the human support. But, when it comes to Indian market the professional translators are required, their expertise to convert the message along with the emotional connection is the gap that AI is still learning to fill.

Devnagri – AI & Experts Together:

Devnagri as a platform emerged in collaboration of AI and online translation experts to deliver best in this field. India has 22 official languages on state-levels made it impossible for different business ventures to use a single message dialect. Thus, devnagri uses the community of experts to merge their work with an AI tool. It stores the converted messages and can give the same suggestions keeping the field, gist in weight.

At devnagri, requirement posted travels a complete life-cycle of conversion with the suggestion, expert proof-read and ultimate finalization at clientele end. A tailored form of conversion can be expected using tool options such as “glossary” “target audience age” etc.

Files and Professional Understanding:

Earlier the conversion was supposed to be just for the files such .doc or .txt but the ultimate tool by Devnagri team made it possible for the programming professionals and others to integrate it with their programs and get the files converted while they are being developed. These integrations with API and CLI has turned the complete optimal utilization of the time which would earlier get wasted in getting final outcome only after the application is developed. File formats such as .resw are possible to convert in multiple languages with the help of this tool.

A Full-Time Opportunity For Translators:

The community of people who usually would work on a part-time or freelance basis has collaborated on a single platform. Here, all the experts are given continuous opportunities to make this a permanent profession rather than a side business. Increasing number of project demands has hiked the requirement of the experts with different lingual expertise.    

Change of Face:

Earlier, the companies use to market in one medium of communication targeting a single group. With modern efforts the industries now target multiple groups along with different approaches increase the engagements and cater to the needs of different people using their products and services.

Devnagri is a huge support for the companies interested to launch their products in the multi-lingual market of India.