Let’s start by introducing the term “Localization.” Theoretically, localization means reshaping or reconstructing a product or service to suit the requirement of a particular section of buyers and making it available for the population of that place.

The main motive behind Localization is the need for expansion of business, and it also maintains the growth chart of the business steady.

Looking at a market scenario without localization, the business seems to lose potential customers, and also without a good strategy to present localization, the product or service may seem out of place, and the consumers may show little or no interest at all.

For small businesses, localization is the best option to put your bet on in order to get growth in the market. The companies should use localization for their advantage by showing the need for the product or service in a current alien market. Once the strategy to localize is decided, it will definitely help the businesses grow and come face to face with more potential customers.

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5 steps to aid Localisation

  • To stretch the perimeter of your business, localization is a must; hence it is best to do intensive research of your targeted market. A thorough and well-built market design makes things simpler, and one knows to whom they are going to talk about their product or services.
  • Once the outline of your localization strategy is ready, now it is time to discuss and consider the language, geographical, and cultural barriers. Identifying potential barriers and hurdles ease out the planning strategy because to solve a problem, first, you have to understand it.
  • An expert in the targeted market can be put on the team to talk about the services being offered by you. He could be the key to penetrating into an alien market. A native can give you an insight into the market and helps to make the adaptation of a new product smooth.
  • It is rightly said that illustrations have always worked better than theory, and it is now time to implement it here. With correct projections and pictures, it will make the penetration process facile.
  • After creating a step by step strategy for localization and designing a thorough plan, all that is needed now is execution. It is now time to give a final thought about marketing channels and distribution process. With all the data intact, everything depends on the practical and how well you can execute a successful plan from paper to market and make it work in your favor.

Whatever services or products you offer, being stagnant is never good, and growth is the ultimate goal for everyone. But without considering localization, growth is not possible because you have already established your niche in a market of your choice, it is time to show your business skills in other parts of India. A small business can only grow across India with Localisation.

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Why localization across India should be the first focus point for small businesses?

India has a booming economy and soon will be standing fifth in the world’s largest economy; hence India has the potential to make any brand rise and shine. Localization is beneficial when investing in a developing and growing country. The factors that determine economic growth in India are:

  • Infrastructure development & Foreign Direct Investment, small businesses are in dire need of finance, and with booming infrastructure, more & more foreign investors are available to become a part of something extraordinary.
  • Population growth and Urbanisation, India’s population is around 1.5 billion, and out of that, 520 million people are the working force. And around 10% of that is people working in urban areas with purchasing power. So let the company do the math here! 
  • Young people and high education.
  • India has a working population of 129 million with average income amounting to the US $3,200; hence India shows a positive and continued GDP growth, which will again help small businesses to evolve.

Localization vs Translation

Localization in Indian Languages

Before we go all and about investing in markets abroad, it is good to evolve on a national level first. India has such a vast culture and range of mindset of people that localization will give a small business leap and bounds of success and exposure.

Let us take a glance on some majorly spoken languages in India along with the approximate population in that region as it plays a key role in the localization of small business across India,

  • Hindi with approx. 366 million speakers
  • Bengali with approx. 83 million speakers
  • Telugu with approx. 74 million speakers
  • Marathi with approx. 72 million speakers
  • Tamil with approx. 61 million speakers

India is a multilingual nation with an unlimited scope of growth. If a small business targets the nation as a whole, starting with small steps, it will rise to another level and touch unimaginable heights.

Benefits of Localization

This could also be viewed as both an opportunity and a challenge. Localization will not be possible without language translating solutions, and since India is a land of diversity, there is a slight chance of being overwhelmed when planning on localization. But once you surpass the phase, it is all worth the trouble because you get to take your business to new heights.

In today’s millennial age, recognition on a bigger scale is possible if and only if one dares to spread the wings and target the untouched areas. In this endeavor, professional help makes things easy. The professional help you consider and study many important factors aiding to successful localization. They help you with the market research and provide an expert on the trade in the targeted region, especially a native resident of the place.


With the correct strategy of localization, a new chapter can be opened for small businesses, and a planned strategy can also save you from unnecessary expenses. A wrong or misinterpreted message can make you lose potential market earnings, so it is of utmost importance to study every level of your strategy acutely and select your methods and tools of marketing carefully.

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