The prime event by The Economics Times “Emerging Media Summit” is going to be held on 6th and 7th December 2018, Devnagri is going to be part of sponsor team of this summit.

Emerging Media Summit is an inaugural event of The Economics Times at Novotel Hotel on 6th & 7th December 2018. This mega-confluence brings together stakeholders, marketers, content providers, content delivery platforms, production houses, advertising service providers, policy builders, satellite service providers and a whole world of the media industry. The aim is to set the strategies to present the best for the customers through electronic means.

Today’s world follows the news and trends through the facility of internet. The people get to know about the latest events around the world with a few thumb impressions of cellular screens. In this era, digital strategies are important to compartmentalize the information properly and serve the targeted audience in a better format.

Devnagri @ Emerging Media Summit
Devnagri is driving the content over the internet in a unique format. The ideology is to make the availability of the information present over the internet in different Indian languages. This will help the Indians, not familiar with English, have the great benefits given by the internet. For this reason, it is important for Devnagri to be a part of such a strategical event. The main focus area would be on how more information flow could be set and what all sectors are at priority. Through this event, the market specialist shall connect and help in understanding the real needs. The networking will enable the like thinkers to align and bring the new solutions for the market.

Our way of sharing the information and utilizing the same are changing in this run no one should lag behind due to under-efficiency of understanding the international source of communication that is English. The ever-changing market is not resting upon the single lingual source and the Indian community should be part of this change in the information flow pattern.

What Benefits Are Expected
The event will be joined by a lot of brand specialist from different corners of the country. It is a huge opportunity to connect and study their mindsets about the trends of the world. Making it possible for the company to understand the areas of real need, it will be a huge support to share the data in a multilingual format to the same in a refined format.
Being in the vicinity of the trendsetters and data distributors can always be motivational and directive towards the path of success. We hope that this event will be a huge success and will give a rise to an innovative way of collaborating & working to build informational data over the internet.