Devnagri has been honoured by FICCI with an invitation to be part of government delegation for BRICS XI International IT Forum 2019 happening in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia on 10-11th June 2019. The XI international IT Forum 2019 is being organized by government of Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia with the guidance of commission of Russian Federation for UNESCO. Devnagri being the part of the event has a lot of hope for exploration on the behalf of the nation and languages it represents.

What’s The Event All About?

Event mainly focuses on overall mutual development of countries taking participation. Main highlighted topics shall be:

  • Information and Communication in the Digital Era: Explicit and Implicit Impacts
  • Smart City: Comfortable and Safe Urban Environment,
  • Big Data in Medicine
  • Training of personnel for digital economy
  • Legal Regulation of the Digital Environment
  • Digital Healthcare

BRICS XI IT Forum 2019 Devnagri At Russia BRICS XI IT Forum 2019 Devnagri At Russia

The industry experts from different streams are collaborated with Government officials by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) into a delegation for turning this event as an opportunity for standard business and comforts that can be progressive for Indian nationals. Also, the community welfare exchange and the source sharing for the mutual development can happen in this event making another strong hold in the friendship of the two countries.

In this event there will be two days of exhibition under the theme of “Digital Technologies for Everyone” along with different rounds for roundtable conferences varying from B2B to G2B which shall enable all the delegates to keep their points and turn those into different opportunities. There will be participants from 48 countries around the world which is a good place to be for any business oriented company.

Devnagri At BRICS International IT Forum 2019

At this event Devnagri is going to announce its branch that shall start translations from Russian to different Indian languages. This will open a cultural branch along with which the businesses interested to get launched in India shall get a support to reach the common public with vernacular empowerment. We hope to turn this event into a culture enriched program where standard companies with new revolutionary products and services could add comfort for the common Indian consumers.

With the various Industry practitioners, this is the event to gain knowledge and to know the main pain points where the businesses find problems to work globally. We are really excited to be part of this event and would like to thank FICCI for making us the part of Indian delegation and recognizing our expertise in stream of vernacular empowerment. With technology and skills we will take India to new heights while collaborating with top companies internationally.