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Then, website localization is the best translation solution for you!

Why Devnagri?

Discover a new way to make your website more user-friendly, optimized, and engaging with Devnagri. We assist you to effortlessly translate your website and to be more competitive in the global market.

Technologically advanced website localization solution

Devnagri offers the most comprehensive, simple and affordable website localization process. We have a team of native-speaking translators and an advanced AI-based platform that ensures seamless translation.

Now you can amplify your reach and open to newer markets with our premium website localization services.

The website localization from Devnagri enables brands and businesses to expand their horizons and boost their global growth.

The next generation website localization at Devnagri

Website localization is one of the best ways to adapt your content locally. It is also one to give valuable information to the visitors in the local language. Website localization involves adapting of content, format, information and details of a website for a new market.
  • Website localization allows you to portray your product or services in different languages.
  • It takes linguistic, cultural and context into consideration.
  • It does not alter or change the original intent of the content, thus ensuring the crust of the content is intact.
  • The flow and structure of the content are unchanged. A reader may feel that the content was actually written in the same language.
  • Website localization focuses on the target language.

The Devnagri website localization integrates AI technology and advanced tools to provide meticulous translation results. Our website localization allows you to position your business in the newer markets and maximize your reach.

Website translation vs Website localization

Website translation and website localization are often interchanged and viewed as the same. However, there are differences between them.

Website translation
Website translation is all about converting content to a different language. It involves some basic and mere substitution of words.
Website localization
Website localization is a broad term. It is more of a holistic process. It consists of various parameters right from usability alteration, studying the target audience, adapting content, formatting and much more. It is executed based on the understanding and analyses of the target audience and their cultural preferences.

Devnagri offers modern website localization services from English to regional languages like Assamese, Oriya, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and much more.

Our team of competent professionals use a perfect balance of technology and skills to ensure quality results. We use a SAAS based model to maintain the quality of work, streamline translation processes and integrate CRM.

Why localize your content with Devnagri?

At Devnagri, we use a smart interface and AI-Powered platform to check and track data on a real-time basis. Our team of skilful native writers and language masters can competently localize and translate your website content.

Benefits of website localization:


Effortlessly  localize  your website and reach a wider audience. It can increase your sales and foster growth. A well-thought international strategy along with website localization can reap incredible benefits for your business.

Boost your search engine rankings with advanced technology and website localization services. Give your digital marketing efforts the required support and establish credibility in the markets with Website localization.
Improve user experience

More than 80% users react positively to localized content. Localized content can hook the attention of the user for a long time. It can also encourage a call to action. Hence, website localization can enable you to widen your reach.

Increase your reach

Make your company more reachable with artificial-intelligence backed content with our website localization. Our quality multilingual website localization service assures meaningful and interesting content localization.

Devngari’s website localization solution

Proficient human translators
  • Associated with 5000+ native professionals
  • Translation in multiple languages
  • Trained and skilled linguists
  • Cost-effective AI translation platform
Smart translation management
  • AI-powered human translation platform
  • Channelized translation and content management
  • Track the progress on a real-time basis
  • Armed with translation memory, glossary, and much more
Consistent quality
  • Professional and experienced proof-readers
  • The real subject matter experts
  • Organized feedback and reviewing system
  • Strict quality and accuracy parameters
Developer friendly
  • Easy blend automation through the CLI and API
  • Re-integrating made easy with advanced tools
  • Filter bulk website pages
  • Seamless integration

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