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Why quality website translation services is Important?

Website localization

Why website localization with Devnagri

In today's modern world, every internet user is relying on the websites and the information available online. In this online market, the public relies on the content available in the local language. The website localization service available online can help in engaging the comprehensive portion of the internet population. Native professional experts can deliver strength to websites depicting various products, services, and information.

quality quality

Better user experience

Localizing the websites makes it better for the native speakers to explore products & services

pricing pricing

Website becomes reachable

Audience reach improves naturally with website translation

communication communication

More business

More than 80% of the online users show positive response towards the website available in their native language

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Improved SEO & marketing

Better Google ranking can be expected with local content to promote the website.

Types of Websites

  • Arbitration


  • business

    Core PHP

  • employment


  • Human Right


  • labour law


  • labour law

    Open Cart


Online Website Localization

Initiating the professional website translation online can be easy with Devnagri. Our platform helps to upload the data and track in real-time. The professional native writers can convert the data into multiple languages. Their proficiency helps in keeping the original meaning of the data intact while converting it in vernacular language.



Certified human translators

  • 5000+ professionals available at the platform to convert data in multiple languages
  • Certified professionals selected after strict examination process
  • Cost effective translation platform


Smart translation management

  • AI-powered platform to help the clients and translators
  • Real-Time track facility for the progressive work
  • Translation memory, glossary and many other functionalities


Consistent quality

  • Professional certified proof readers and subject matter experts
  • Commenting section to communicate for each word translated
  • Experts that keep the quality standards of translations maintained


Developer friendly

  • Direct integration of the files through the CLI and API
  • Less problems for the developers in re-integrating the translated work
  • Bulk work gets filtered easily without any file transaction

4 simple steps

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