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Do you know 82% of the audience reacts positively to the voice over translation in a native language?

Why Devnagri?

Well, Devnagri comprehends the power of regional languages. We are the leading translation solution providers. We provide the best online voice over conversion.

Voice over translation is one of the most extensive concepts. It deals with translating an audio-visual into a regional language. Voice over translation is a broader term. It includes everything right from synchronizing the audio with visuals to overlaying recording. It is a production technique that maintains the quality of narration and keeps the intent of the message intact.

Moreover, the AI-based translation and voice over localization can make your content more engaging as well as interactive. It can positively enhance the appeal of your media and maximize its viewership as well.

The AI-powered + Human translation

Voice over localization is one of the most intricate and complex jobs. It requires lots of knowledge of the linguistic and cultural elements of the regional language to achieve perfection in the translation work. It helps you to rightfully project your content and strike a connection with your audience. A Voice over translated and localized video can prove to be a great asset. It can not only provide the desired push to your marketing efforts but can also make your content more approachable and comprehendible.

Devnagri is a new-age voice over translation solution provider. Devnagri can efficaciously translate any OOT platform or audio-visual content into any regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi and much more.

Competitive multilingual voice over translation solutions

In today’s digital era, every business wants to create a mark in the virtual world. And, delivering quality video in multiple languages is one of the best ways to maximize the audience base. Translating the voice over of the video can enable companies to make the message precise and coherent. According to the tone, message and objective of the content, the voice translation should be planned and executed.

Devnagri is one of the finest companies offering voice over translation solutions. We offer specialized voice over translation solutions to our clients. We exert to identify the needs of our clients and assist them throughout the process. We provide end to end voice over translation solutions. Right from translating the content, dubbing the voice over, synchronizing it with visuals to embedding it in a specific format everything is done by us.

Our AI-based platform enables us to complete voice over translation of any scale with utmost efficacy and exactness.

The advantages of voice over translations

Voice over translation can play a great role in giving your business and video the desired edge. It can help you to increase your audience base and get your business the anticipated limelight. Moreover, if you are planning an expansion and expanding your business then, voice over solutions and translation can prove to be of great help. It can clearly persuade your target audience and hold their interest for longer.
Boost your sales
Investing in voice over solutions at Devnagri can help to increase your sales. The voice over translation is well-aligned with your explainer script. Thus, your audience gets a clear understanding of the video and its message. Voice over in multiple regional languages can captivate the audience to take interest in your brand and eventually increase your business revenue.
Increase reach
If your business hits your audience correctly, it is sure to get the much-anticipated exposure on the regional as well as global level. Voice over translations allows one to meticulously give information to the masses and let your brand/business/content shine out.
High return on investment
High-quality voice over translation adds a strong voice to your video/media. It increases its appeal and conveniently improves your brand presence. Voice over translations assures a considerable return on investment. Devnagri voice over translation is competitively priced. We aim at providing the maximum benefit to our clients.
Access to regional markets
The power of regional markets and regional languages is humungous. Voice over and translation in multiple regional languages can immediately pave a successful path for your business. It provides your business with an opportunity, a platform to explore the untapped areas and target newer segments/markets.

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