Do you want to enhance the experience of your viewers?

Well, subtitling is one of the most proven translation solutions that can help to make your content more reachable.

Improve the appeal of your video with subtitle translation

The immense growth and popularity of OTT platforms and social media networking has made it imperative to localize audio-visual content. Video subtitling is one of the best methods that can help one to improve the appeal of the video and maximize its searchability. Subtitling allows you to shine over your competitions and connect with your audience.

Devnagri is a professional translation solution provider. We offer a video subtitling translation solution to our clients. Our AI-based platform seamlessly integrates technology and human skills to achieve perfection in our job.

Perks of investing in subtitle translation

Industry experts expect that video streaming will account for more than 80% of web traffic in coming years. It is a fact that more than 1 billion videos are viewed on the World Wide Web every day. The huge number of visitors and the power of audio-visuals to attract the audience paves a way for the success of subtitle translation.

Subtitle translation helps to make content more audience-specific. It amplifies the integrity of the content and increases the chances of downloads as well as viewership. High-quality subtitle translation can effortlessly establish rapport with the target audience and interact with them. Thus, businesses and brands can be benefitted in multiple ways from Subtitle Translation.

Subtitling and synchronization

Devnagri is competent in providing complete subtitle translation solutions. We not only translate the subtitles but also make sure that the subtitles are well-synchronized and embedded in the video content. We use the best in class AI technology and translation tools to achieve perfection in our job. We utilize XML to insert video content and add subtitles in the target language.

Devnagri can professionally craft impressive subtitle translations in 12+ Indian languages including Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Assamese etc.

We are encompassed with result-oriented professional subtitle translation systems operated by competent linguistic subtitle translation professionals. So, if you are not sure about adding subtitle or text content to your video then. Connect with our experts now! We are a one-stop destination that can make your resource reachable and target specific.

Subtitle translation that matches your pocket

Our cost-effective subtitle translation solutions enable you to cater to a wider market and improve the share worthiness of your video. It allows you to make the subject matter of your video more engaging and relatable for the audience. Moreover, if you want to expand to newer markets and communicate effectively then. Subtitle translation can be of great help. The AI technology backed subtitle translated video will progress the chances of your video on search pages and in the regional markets.

Boost your ROI with subtitle translation

Adding subtitles to your video will enhance its value. It will increase the chances of its virality and viewership. It enables one to get the desired exposure in the regional markets and give a business the desired edge. Devnagri subtitle translation makes your content and video more accessible. It allows you to expand your network and explore newer markets.

Besides, subtitle translation not just benefits the readers or viewers of your video but can also boost your sales. It will make your content more culturally and linguistically appropriate.

Devnagri subtitle translations add an extra oomph factor to your media content. It refines and polishes it. The AI-based platform delivers top-notch quality accurate subtitle translation solutions in an unmatched turnaround time.

Types Of Subtitling

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