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No definite guidelines! No templates! Competent and Resourceful conversions with AI

The automated OCR system from Devnagri makes it easy to extract data from invoices, purchase orders, packing lists, receipts, or any other documents with precision.

Save 90% of the time

The automated process efficiently converts a document and save various cost associated with the manual conversion and data entry.

Up to 98% accuracy

Enable the benefits of exceptional accuracy, exactness, and fast processing

Fast ROI with Cloud

The cloud infrastructure allows one to safely and reliably upload, process, and convert data without any additional overheads.

Streamline processes

The advanced features allow one to efficaciously send data to the ERP and document management systems with ease.


  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Kannada
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Urdu

Why Devnagri Beats Traditional OCR

How Devnagri OCR Works


The Devnagri OCR allows one to send or upload files, pdf of the documents via, intelligent email box, Rossum UI, ERP, API, or RPA workflow


The advanced AI interface along with seamless integration of modern tools works simultaneously to customize rules and automate the documents. The smartly designed rapid validation interface ensures utmost efficiency.

Communicate & ACT

Leverage the benefit of automation and send the document to your ERP system or data management systems with the aid of seamless integration and contemporary features.