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why Mobile App Translation Service is Important ?

Mobile Application Localization

Making Global App Local

Millions of applications are available on android and IOS platforms. Real market is not easy to breach, business can mean much more with mobile application localization. Localization makes it easier for the users to access all the features of the app and make their life easy. It is important to have multilingual mobile app so that the native speakers could use the technology. Developer friendly app Localization at devnagri can help in integrating the converted data with application without any technical complexity.

Save time

Order bulk data conversion and get manual translation support instantly

Save cost

Re-use the translated content & save cost of conversion

Easy to manage

Easy to check the progress and download translated files anytime

All in one system

Translation, proofreading all from experts at Devnagri

Understanding Mobile App localization

Application localization means converting the functionality and menus of the application in different languages so that the native speaker of particular area could access it in a better way. Its benefits include

  • Native speakers could use technology
  • No hard changes in functionalities is required
  • It becomes easy to make the app friendly to target audience

It opens gate for millions of non-associated users available in the market online


Mobile App Localization

Mobile applications had bridged a wide gap between user and service provider, but without mobile app localization and translation, these are still inaccessible to the actual market. Why is it important? In India, apps that are localized and translated get 86% more response as compared to non-translated apps. Diversified customers feel free and connected to the apps that serve in their natal language.


Devnagri is a platform that can align with the app and can help in mobile app Localization. We remove all complexities of exporting the app files, and then to send them for the complete translation process. Our platform has a CLI integration and API. Both Android and iOS app files can be uploaded on the platform, and appropriate conversion can be downloaded in the same format. It is developer-friendly, and getting the work done even while the app is in development mode is straightforward. To get a better client response and to diversify the app, the user needs to follow the steps so that the process of app localization service shall complete within no time.

Improve User experience

User finds it easy to handle the application if available in their own language

Boost your app users

More users can be onboarded with multilingual app presence.

Step ahead of competition

Rise in competitive market use a different strategy, go local.

4 simple steps

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