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Are you a law firm, lawyer, LPO or legal team in an organization or an individual who is looking to translate your work in different languages?

Why Devnagri?

Then, Devnagri is the right destination for you. Our AI + human translation capabilities enable us to deliver legal document translation with accuracy, budget, and speed. We provide:

Expert legal translations

Legal translations are intricate and complex. It demands considerable knowledge of the legal terms. Legal translation solutions work beyond literal translations. They cover everything right from the language, tone, variables and much more. Legal translation solutions enable one to get a concise translation of thousands of documents with utmost competency and accuracy.

Devnagri provides professional legal translation solutions. Our comprehensive legal translation solutions can address various legal matters such as legal documents, correspondence or litigation support materials and can be customized to meet your specific translation needs.

Get access to accurate and exact legal translation within the given time frame with expert solutions from Devnagri.

Content we cover

Terms and conditions translation

Terms and conditions translations include translating standard legal documents, terms of your business, solution offering policy, promotional offers, conditions and much more.

Moreover, such documents can have a considerable impact on your business. The potential of ramifications on your business can be reduced with the professional legal terms and conditions translations.

Contracts translation

Devnagri offers proficient translation of contracts, legal policies, legal agreements for court, regulatory bodies and government authorities. Apart from this, we also provide contract translation for translating legal documents, forms, contracts and deeds to corporations, legal firms, partnership firms as well as individuals.

Solution agreements translation

A solution agreement is an agreement between two entities that agree to provide a specific solution to the public. It includes a  host of elements  right from the description of solutions, charges, frequency, terms of solution, time schedule and much more. Devnagri can translate various kinds of solution agreements with utmost attention to detail. 

Trademarks & copyrights translation

Trademark & copyright translation can enable you to protect, obtain or enforce copyrights and trademarks for your products or solutions. The translation of these documents can efficiently safeguard the trademarks and copyrights  of your  business. Devnagri has a team of skilful translators that can translate all sorts of trademarks and copyrights with precision.

Licenses & permits translation
Devnagri can proficiently translate your driving license, permits and other documents. We offer license and permit translation solutions in 11 Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati etc.
Patents translation
Devnagri translates patent litigation documents, office actions, applications and other legal as well as technical documents. Now you can fill the patent application form in any desired language with the modern translation solutions from Devnagri.

The smart edge

AI-powered platform

Devnagri leverages the technology to the fullest and strives to introduce cutting edge legal translation solutions. Our translation platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence. The automated systems and contemporary tools allow you to track your data on a real-time basis and foster step-by-step assessment of the project.

API Integration

Now you can get translation embedded in the software with the API integrated into your digital assets. The API system reduces the transition time and reduces chances of any formatting errors.

Data security

At Devnagri your data is safe and secured. We use new-age tools and security systems to ensure the safety of your documents. Our translation systems are encrypted and allow access only to authorised personnel. 

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