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eBook translation allows the author to present their creative work to a worldwide audience. It enables one to convert a book into any language of their choice. eBook translation works beyond the literal translation of words and sentences. It takes into consideration several aspects of translation such as context, grammar, linguistic references and cultural elements while translating a piece of writing.

The advanced and hi-tech AI-based tools and features maintain the formatting and typesetting of the book. Thus, making it easy to translate a book in an organized manner.

Devnagri is one of the leading translation solution providers in over 12 Indian languages. Devnagri’s intuitive interface and AI-powered platform assures top-notch quality work within the given time frame. Now you can improve the reach of your book and give it the desired exposure with proficient eBook translation solutions from Devnagri.

Increase your audience base with eBook translation

eBook translation can help you to increase the visibility of your book and give it a distinct edge. eBook translation can make your piece of writing audience-specific and tap the untapped areas. It has the power to connect and engage your readers thus making eBook translation one of the fastest-growing industries.

Devnagri comprehends the scope of eBook translation and the role it can play in maximizing the readership of a book. Hence, we offer custom eBook translation solutions at the most competitive price.

The compatible eBook translation

Merely translating a book is not enough. Your book should be compatible with various electronic file formats to ensure great readability. Devnagri uses an AI-powered platform to deliver an electronic version of eBook in various compatible and specific file formats. Our eBook translation end product is reader-friendly and works well on various gadgets such as tablets, phones, laptops, reading applications etc.

At Devnagri, we aim to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. We unleash our potential to the fullest to offer end to end translation solution. We work beyond translation; we make your work accessible by incorporating cultural nuances to make your content more relevant to the local audience. Our translators can tactfully handle overlapping of themes and maintain the original meaning, tone and style of the book.

Types of book translations

Quality multilingual eBook translation

Devnagri can successfully accomplish an eBook translation project of any scale and domain. We can translate books in multiple native Indian languages such as Tamil, Urdu, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati etc from English.

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