The best way to understand transliteration is to see yourself.


Devnagri Transliteration

Need to display your products in Indian languages? Or need to change the addresses in Indian languages. Now you can convert your product lists, names, and addresses to the Indian languages with our Devnagri's transliteration APIs.

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The Language Users Understand

With the Devnagri Transliteration engine, you can type in Latin letters (e.g., a, b, c, etc.), which will be converted to characters that have similar pronunciation in the target language. The engine provides Unicode compatibility, easy integration with the database, various platform assistance, and excellent scalability.

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Facts and benefits

Devnagri has been built on the most comprehensive language technology platform & provides.

  • We have the speed -
    Devnagri is 5x faster than ordinary translation.

  • We are scalable -
    With 5000+ translator our network is growing fast.

  • We provide value -
    Our technology enable us to be a fraction of the cost.


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