Devnagri - An AI-powered human translation platform

Our vision is “To Bring Smiles to People”. We want to see every person on earth who doesn't know English can harness the power of the Internet in their native language. We started our journey with technical development. While delivering software solutions and services to our clients. We realized a simple fact that most of the products & services in the world of the Internet were available in English.

This made us realize that a tremendous amount of population deprived of the benefits of technology. 75% of people in the world population do not understand English. In India, 90% of the population does not understand English. We wanted to bridge this gap to make it easy for non-English users to access the Internet in their native languages. We want to give the same access of knowledge, education in their native languages so that they can be the part of the Internet ecosystem.

Devnagri exists to use technology and humans to translate the data available over the Internet. We help businesses and the Government to reach real people who are not part of the Internet because of the language barrier. We want Non-English uses can also be the part of the Internet and learn in their own language.

We developed an AI-powered human translation platform that can accept multiple files from different domains. The combination of machine and human translation works to bring information that can help youth across the world to gain knowledge and make their career using the power of Internet.

There is 0.1% data in native languages over the Internet, we want to make it 99%

Few Words From The Founder’s Desk

Why we are called “Devnagri” ?

Devnagri - This word echoes with the hearts and minds of Indians. Most of our languages have writing systems that descend from this ancient script, and it is through Devnagri, that we wish to see the smiles and enable our friends, family and countrymen.

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