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[:en]In this digital age, videos are an essential component of the marketing strategy of a business. Whether it is an instructional video, product demonstration, or e-Learning videos, the quality and the content of the videos can help in retaining the existing users and attracting new ones.

To become successful in the international market, you need to localize all the aspects of your business, including video, audio, documents, website etc. Thus, for businesses looking to expand in a foreign marketplace, translation plays a critical role. One of the most important aspects of this translation is voice over translation which involves adapting the audio of your content according to the culture and liking of the native audience. This requires the help of linguistic experts that can properly translate the script to the local language and voice over artist that are well-versed with the language.

A professional voice over artist can add the right expression and accent to your audio which makes it more relatable for the local audience. They can help you understand the cultural nuances of the local audience and incorporate them into your content. The most significant advantages that voice over translation provides are more viewers, attracting potential buyers and generating more revenue by connecting better with the users.

How can voice over translation help a business?

Several businesses around the world have started investing in translation to be able to reach a wider audience. The several advantages that voice over translation provides to a business are:

  • Keep the audience engaged- Video is one of the most preferred forms of content by the global audience. When you localize your content according to the language and culture of a targeted audience, the chances of forming a strong and trusting relationship with the consumers increases.
  • Effective communication- The most significant advantage of translation is that it helps in conveying a clear message across. With the help of voice over translation service, you can form a credible image for your brand and communicate effectively with the audience.
  • Increased ROI- Statistics show that there is a significant increase in online traffic and ROI for businesses that localize their content. This is because audiences trust the brands that communicate in their local language over those that speak a foreign language.
  • Better engagement- Videos get more shares online than texts or images. This is an excellent way of strengthening your business’ online presence and having better engagement with the audience. It also helps in gaining the trust and loyalty of the users, which goes a long way in ensuring the success of a business.
  • Better than subtitling- It becomes hard for the audience to keep up with the subtitles, especially where several speakers are involved. Voice over translation has several advantages over subtitling videos. It helps people notice body language and background details since they are not occupied with reading the subtitles to understand what’s going on.
  • Advantages over transcribing- Voice over translation is better than providing a written transcript for your video. This ensures that the users get a proper understanding and clarity of the content which can get lost in written translation. It can also be tiring to read and listen to two separate languages at the same time.

All of these benefits make voice over translation an essential step of the global expansion of a business. Hiring a reputed translation service can provide your audience with a better understanding of the information that you are offering.

Methods of voice over translation:

There are several ways to incorporate voice over translation in your content. The most commonly used types are:

  1. Lip-syncing/ dubbing- This method of translation involves directly replacing the original audio with a new one. When done correctly, this is the most efficient way of voice over translation. Achieving proper sync between the audio and the video requires the expertise of a well-experienced service and the right voice over artist.
  2. Voice replacement- This is a much simpler version of dubbing where the artist records their voice over the original audio. The volume of the original audio is set to zero. This helps in ensuring proper sync.
  3. Instructional style- This type of translation provides more freedom to the performer since no script is required. This style involves a voice actor interpreting the video in the local language.
  4. Full actor replacement- This style costs a little more but is the most effective. This technique involves completely replacing the actor’s performance with a native speaking artist.
  5. UN-style translation- In this type of translation, the audience can hear the original audio being played at a low volume over which the translated audio plays.

Process of voice over translation

Just like any other type of translation, voice over translation requires a step by step approach that focuses on all the components. The steps that a voice over translator has to follow for efficient translation are:

  1. Transcribing the audio of the video.
  2. Translation of the script.
  3. Proofreading and editing by linguistic experts and experienced industry professionals.
  4. Procuring voice over talent as per your language and style requirements.
  5. Recording and embedding the translated script in the video.
  6. Editing and syncing the video to keep the original message intact.

Since all of these steps require the expertise of professionals, you need to hire a service that holds enough experience in the translation industry.

Advantages of hiring a professional translation service:

Translation is required to ensure that your audience understands the information without struggling. This is essential to maintain transparency while conducting business in a foreign marketplace. Hiring a well-experienced translation service can help with the global expansion of your business.

  • They can help in understanding the local culture and better portraying it. It is important to keep the liking of the audience in mind while translating in order to establish a sense of reliability.
  • They ensure that the right accent, diction and expressions are used during the voice over translation to maintain the authenticity of the content.
  • These linguistic experts can provide you with a properly localized script which is properly proofread to make it completely free of errors. The script has to take into account the interests and likes of the target audience.
  • They can help you in picking the right vocal talent, which is extremely critical for proper translation.
  • You can be assured about delivering quality content to your regional audience with the help of a professional translation service.
  • They can help in communicating the intended message in various languages.

Videos are of the most engaging medium of connecting with the consumers. During the localization of these videos, it is important to ensure that the original intent isn’t lost during translation. This is why you need to hire a highly professional service with an expert staff skilled in various regional languages. It is an effective way of reaching a wider audience and strengthening the image of your company.

Several businesses around the world have started investing in translation to be able to reach a wider audience. The several advantages that voice over translation provides to a business are: can not only help in connecting with the audience but also communicate more clearly with the employees using training and orientation resources. A reputed translation service can help you get the best talent to effortlessly deliver your message in a different language and gain the trust of the audience.[:]

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