Mobile app localization/translation is a process that helps in reaching out to the audience in a better way. Applications developed in Android/iOS can be translated using our services.

In this changing world of technology translation is becoming trendy to capture maximum possible market. To understand how it works and why should you get the mobile app translated read the blog. Your iOS/ Android app can get better exposure than it is currently. App translation service has proven positive results, some of which are given further.

Top Reasons To Go Local:

Most of the apps are aimed to acquire better business, the translation can be handy:

Helps in Capturing Foreign Clients

  • The availability of app in different language makes it more favourable for the user. The common features can be used by people with different natal skills. In this mouth publicity also works well as the users already using your app can give better feedback and suggestion to the untouched public.

Better Search Engine Optimization

Keywords in other targeted language can give better exposure on app search engine rather than a unilateral means of communication. It is a technical aspect that many do not see while uploading the app but it is a valuable fact.

One Step Ahead

In the competitive market, the mobile app localization puts you a step ahead in strategic manner. It is a move that can even be a USP (unique selling point) for the proposed service through app.

Makes Application More Striking

User understands better in natal language which makes it more appealing. Your thoughts, messages, instructions, all can be far more convincible to the audience with words as in their terminology directory.

Avoid Ban in Particular Nation

Many countries do not allow apps present in international language exclusively. This can prevent the access of your app while your user might be interested to use it from that country. By using the translation service of the company such as ours, you can get your apps better market in India

Better Performance

As in different languages the data captured is from variety of resources. It makes the app functionally enriched and helps in better performance. User experience can be optimized by observing the usage based on different countries. Real potential of the application is tested in translation mode.

What Are You Missing?

According to a survey there are more than 4.9 billion active mobile users worldwide. How many do you cater? No doubt that better technology has reached to every corner of the world, the service you provide might have better customer base in 3rd world country rather than which you had targeted

Devnagri is one of the unique platforms where you can directly upload the app files and get translation in all Indian Constitutional languages. It is the best service provider in the Indian market. This can be one great opportunity for your app.