With the internet transforming the world into a global marketplace, websites now serve the purpose of being the platform that disseminates useful information about the product and services to the consumers. It is thus crucial to develop a website that appeals to the people. Language can be a barrier when it comes to relaying ideas. Investing in website localization services can help businesses reach out to a broader audience in an effective way.  

Website localization refers to transforming the language and appearance of a website to attract foreign language users. It can help users engage and connect with the brand as the website speaks directly to them. Adapting the content to the culture, language and interest of the consumers is an effective marketing strategy that is bound to make your website a hit. It is more probable for people to buy products and services from websites that are in their local language. Localization can help you expand your reach to a global market and gain access to a wider consumer base. 

What does it involve?

Studies have shown that most users spend their time on websites that are in their local language. The key aspects of localizing a website are translation and formatting. Other features involved in website localization are:

  • Translation of title to attract more audience
  • URL localization
  • Localization of relevant keywords
  • Matching the SEO requirements
  • Having a robust Content Management System (CMS)
  • Translation of website description

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Difference between translation and localization:

Many people mistake localization for translation. Both of them are two different approaches. While translation only involves converting the words into another language, localization is a more comprehensive approach that the original idea of the content is communicated in the best way possible. It also takes into account the likes and dislikes of the targeted audience. Website localization services aim to provide a more accessible and relatable look to the website for foreign users.

Things to keep in mind:

Some points that should be considered during website localization:

  • Make sure that the original idea of the source text does not get lost in translation and is emanated in the best possible way. Reformulation of the message can be tricky, which is why you should only rely on experienced professionals for your localization needs.
  • The website’s quality is as important as the language. A poorly translated website is bound to be a recipe for disaster.
  • The cultural nuances of the target audience, including their likes and dislikes
  • The localized content shouldn’t come across as unnatural.
  • Analyze where you get the most traffic from and use that language to reach more people.

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Advantages of Website Localization Services:

To thrive in the ever-changing marketplace, finding better avenues to expand your businesses is quite important. Localization has the prospect of positioning your brand to a global market with minimal cost or any investment.  Some significant advantages of website localization are-

Boost traffic- when you cross the geographical barrier and introduce your products and services to the entire world through a multilingual website, the chances of it getting noticed by more people increase manifold. Reaching a market that is beyond your borders can help you engage with and appeal to a more diverse set of audience.

Increased revenue- when the traffic to a website increases, the revenue generation is automatically scaled up.  Users trust websites that are in their language and are more likely to purchase from them.

Navigating market- doing business in a new territory can be challenging. Localizing the website can help companies to get an idea of how their product does in the international market.

Better user experience- providing an enhanced experience to the users helps them connect and interact more with the brand. Language can be an asset in your marketing strategy since the webpage is where most people get a first impression of the product from. Making the website more usable with increased functionality will draw a wider set of audience to it.

Global expansion- A localized website can help you launch products to the global market without making huge investments. 

Increased credibility- Rapid engagement with consumers can help a brand in gaining popularity amongst them. When the website is in their indigenous language, users are more likely to trust it. Customer loyalty is a crucial factor in deciding the success of a business.

Competitive edge- Multilingual websites have the advantage of being accessible to a wider group of people, thus being more likely to be successful.

Experts in website localization not only enhance the linguistics of your website but can also provide services like document translation services. Therefore, it is essential to avail this service from experienced professionals to get the best results.