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Why choose Devnagri

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head If you talk to man in his language, it goes to his heart.”

– Nelson Mandela -

Key Takeways

There is a lot when expecting an online localization platform to perform. Devnagri is an AI-powered human translation platform that is capable of converting bulk data within a limited timeline in multiple languages. We use technology to empower our clients while cutting down the cost of conversion per word in Indian and international languages.


Great class translation solutions

Our automated platform allows businesses of any extent to order value-driven translations from professional translators.


We Have Speed

We are five times faster than all different methods of translation.


We Are Scalable

With 5000+ certified translators operating 24 X 7, we can conveniently maintain speed with your content demands, no matter the volume.


Developer Friendly

Devnagri's API streamlines your translation workflow. It increases your productivity while enabling your team to concentrate on their core business instead of old-fashioned methods.

Why choose Devnagri?

Effortlessly scale with Devnagri

Devnagri has proven record

Assigned project team

Workflow optimization

5x faster

Assigned project team


Real-time tracking


We aim to bring a smile to millions of the native internet users that can use the vernacular power for their comfort and knowledge.

Translations With AI & Human Efforts

Machine translation, Translation Memory, Glossary & certified professional translators work together to bring the quality work.

Our Kutumbh community of 5000+ translators can convert files of different genres within a limited time. It is economical and scalable of getting translation in Indian and international languages. The community has in-depth knowledge of the different subjects and words associated with different fields and thus provide quality work within unbeatable timeline.

Certified human translators

  • Native industrial experts available to give quick and accurate translation
  • Translates with speed, output time cuts down into hours
  • Economic resources for bulk content conversion

Translation management system (TMS)

  • Efficient way to keep order in line
  • Easy to use dashboard with options to provide details
  • Translation memory for the reuse of translated data
  • Store all the translated file for future reference
  • Alignment with CLI

AI-Powered with human sense

  • Real time track for each order placed
  • Exclusively developed features such as glossary,dictionary at one place
  • Infusion of machine translation from different service network

API Integration

  • Get instant API’s and manage bulk data
  • Order process gets easy and sustainable
  • Authority rights to manage the translation system

Kutumbh - A community to learn, work and earn

5000+ active members

About Kutumbh

A community for Translators to Earn Learn and Work

We envision translation not as a part time but a full time and a fulfilling profession. We dream to empower the translators, home makers and women of India to take up translation as a career and provide them with a platform to realise their dreams to be independent and self sustainable.


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