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Legal Translation

[:en]Translation denotes the process of changing the language of a context. It can be a book, website, medical record, or even a manuscript. The translation procedure is suitable for both literary works (physical papers) and media files (audio and video). 

To change the language of ‘important’ documents, the mode of translation (automated vs manual) must be your priority. The word important here refers to projects like healthcare agreements, business presentations, USCIS-related legal translation services, and many other official requirements. So, you should ideally give the project to a professional language service provider.

However, before understanding the importance of hiring an agency, we will first look at a few points on why you must not translate files on your own. 

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Translate By Yourself

Imagine that you require a translation from French to Japanese. Now, you might be bilingual with excellent verbal knowledge in both the languages. Yet, you cannot deliver a translation because of three reasons as given below;

  • You will not be completely aware of the nuances in French and Japanese. A Nuance represents the original meaning of a specific word and the associated internal feeling with it. Even considering only one country, Nuances will change across cities. Hence you cannot translate files without learning all the nuances.
  • In the case of education and academic-related language services, the concerned university/authority will ask for the official signature of the translator. So, if you are translating the academic content and signing it by yourself, then this is illegal. It will lead to privacy concerns. 
  • The translation process is not constrained to changing the language alone. The person must first translate, check errors, edit superfluous words, and proofread with language glossaries. And the most crucial part is that the entire document, when translated from one language to another, must retain the original meaning. So, translation is a time-consuming process, provided if you do it by yourself. 

Concerning these factors, hiring a language agency is the only way to get correct results. The discussed aspects are not only for Japanese or French; they apply to any language reference. Still, if you think that your translation is possible with an online tool or software, then the following values have to be noted.

Human Translation Surpasses Automated Tools 

First, let us define what human and automated translation modes are. 

  • Human translation refers to changing the language of a given format using skills and training by a linguist. Human and Manual translation both mean the same. 
  • When a technology-based software does the translation service, then it is called automated translation. Professionals use the term Machine translation to represent digital language service.
  • Now, coming back to the topic of translation mode, machines are programmed and controlled by humans. At present, nearly all the automated tools and online software sites work based on Machine Learning (ML). Known for its growing technology, ML has years to develop and perform correctly. So, relying on automated translations at this time will likely give you absurd results. 

On the contrary side, experienced individuals handle human translation services. They know the nuances, dialects, accents, pronunciations, and other language-based demographics with high precision. Thus, giving translation projects from a reputed online agency is recommended. If you are unaware of how to find the best agency, then the following points will guide you.

How to Hire the Right Translation Service Provider?

Now, you might interpret that human translation requires experience, vast knowledge of the language aspects, and relevant on-field training. But besides these, there are some more standards that you should evaluate before hiring one. 

98% Precision – The agency must promise translation results with 98% and above accuracy. Never pick companies lower than this value. 98% is the average level of precision that an experienced linguist will prove from the translation.

Native Linguists – Hire only professionals who are native language experts from their country. As every translation takes account of both the contextual and cultural factors, only native linguists are aware of both.  

Language Compliance – Hiring agencies that support 75 to 100 languages is advisable. A majority of the service providers today have compliance with 100+ languages, including rare ones such as Cree, Dari, Oromo, etc. Choosing such multilingual companies gives a hold on the results.

NDA – The Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be signed by translators from the hiring agency. You can check the NDA option from the company’s features section. For official and legal translation services, NDA is mandatory to guarantee confidentiality and data security. 

Hence, whether the need is an English book translation project or Chinese subtitle translation services, going with reputed companies is the best option. Make sure to notify the hired service provider about any language customizations, if required.

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