When your business exists in a multilingual world like this, it can be concluded easily that your business is catering to various target markets with a different set of needs and perspectives. Often the language of a region defines their cultural values and reflects their practices. As a business which is planning to start a long term relationship with these potential customers, you have to consider their cultural practices and language as two important aspects of your business with them. Say your business is located in the Delhi region. You have to make use of a translation company in Delhi NCR region to let your business speak your customer’s language. You must be wondering how does the language play a role in business? 

The role of language and translation in your business

Language is something which can connect people. It creates a sense of belongingness and trust. Similarly, if your company approaches its target audience in their language, there’s an initial building of trust involved. 

  • Language as a trust builder: Let’s be honest, no one likes change. A customer wouldn’t want to change his/her regular grocery market for a newly opened supermarket. The change will only take place if there’s a sense of trust towards the brand and the quality of product or service. So how do you build this trust? The key is communication. Now this communication, when held in the customers’ native language says that your business cares about their preferences. Thus it builds trust.
  • Language leads to transparency: If you communicate with your customers in a foreign language, there are high chances of miscommunication. A small misunderstanding can lead to customers questioning the authenticity of your company. Thus if the communication is held in their native language, the chances of some misunderstandings are reduced. 
  • Language makes people feel at home: A business needs to focus on making its customers satisfied and comfortable. There’s no better way to satisfy your customers than to speak to them in their language. It makes communication two way as people feel secure to give their feedback too. These feedbacks should be considered by the company and acted upon for increased customer satisfaction and ultimately revenue.

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Is Language translation enough?

With more businesses going global, the market is booming with several translation agencies in the market. Your business can avail services of a Translation Company in Delhi NCR region from the comfort of your home. But before choosing a translation agency, you need to ask yourself if language translation is enough for expansion. Any business can hire a translator and get the websites and mobile applications translated from source language to the target language. But you have to consider certain other aspects too. 

The translation is just a part of localization process. Localizing a website or an application means focusing on the following aspects:

  • Dialects: Language changes within the same region. The way it is spoken, or some particular words change; every language has different dialects. While translating the dialects of the language should be considered to be more relatable to the customers. 
  • Transactional elements: While localizing the currency, payment methods and other transaction related parts should be aligned in accordance with the region. It makes customers’ experience on your website or application more convenient. 
  • Cultural nuances: The translation and the localization should be in such a way that it encompasses the unique cultural nuances of the region. It allows the customers and the clients to feel at home. The success is in the details of the translation. Essential festivals and holidays should be accounted for by the company. 
  • Contact details: To build more trust and show the authenticity of the business, you need to provide contact information in accordance to their region. The office address or phone numbers of the region says you are available in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

If these above mentioned factors are considered by a translation company in Delhi NCR region, you should consider taking their services. 

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Components of your business that should be translated before expansion

As a business owner, you need to understand which all components of your business should be translated before expansion of your business globally into new markets. 

  • The Documents: Your business not only works with new customers due to expansion but also with new clients. To strike a business deal with your clients and earn their trust, you need to translate the documents involved in the business. A professional legal translator should translate the legal documents like the contract between two parties. Other documents, like the financial documents of the company, should be translated by a translator with a strong background in commerce. The brochures or manuals should be translated for reaching out to both the customers and the clients. 
  • The Website: The website should be translated into the native language of the customers as it is one of the first levels of interaction you have with the customers and the clients. A welcome message in their native language on the website is likely to boost your online conversions. Th ease in navigating through the website becomes easy, and thus there’s an increase in customer satisfaction. 
  • The Mobile application: It will be a huge mistake if you translate your website but not your mobile application as most of the people now own a smartphone. The localization and translation of your mobile application increase its ranking in the play store. It makes it more visible and searchable. Once more people get aware of your application, there’s a growth in your customer base.
  • The Multimedia: The advertisements, video ads, posters etc should be translated for better reach to the customers. It makes them feel the content was originally created for their consumption. Also, it puts more information about your brand in a better way.

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In a nutshell, if a translation company in Delhi NCR can provide your expanding services above mentioned services with a sense of trust and security for your documents, you should definitely avail those services. The translation is one of the major factor involved in the expansion of a business. One should make proper use of it for more conversions and profit.