Translation is an industry that has been prevailing in world since ancient times. It is one of the only source to convey message from one community of lingual speakers to another. They have been serving to share knowledge and information to the vernacularly diversified world for the growth and development work around the globe. So how the technology is changing their way of working? Is translation marketplace gaining any benefit or facing losses? Some of the booms due to introduction of translation platforms are discussed here.

Addressing the root problems that usually translators face the new platforms are being build, capable of resolving the same. There are many issues that were in the industry and was draining a lot of extra efforts that after getting solution has increased the efficiency of the translators.

Devnagri an AI powered human translation platform was developed that has a internal community of Translators under the name of “Kutumbh” to facilitate working environment and deliver translated content on time. Kutumbh is first Indian online translators community combined with Devnagri it has improved the efficiency of the translators. What all has it given as gift to the translation marketplace are being discussed further:

  • Unanimity of Translators
    For Indian community of translators there hadn’t been any place where they could work as a team and could interact with each other to complete bulk projects. Kutumbh aligned them and created a team that could work together. The different lingual experts can interact and share their thoughts with like thinkers while working together on a synced platform. Join Now.
  • Payment Security
    To avoid any communication gap against the payments or delay in getting paid, the platform holds the security. Each and every translated word must be paid for, with this as an aim the company works. This removes a tension from translators mind and help them to work without getting concerned for payday.
  • Work in Bulk
    Project flow has been an issue for freelance translators, they had to depend on secondary source of income to meet the daily requirement. To change this, Devnagri made arrangements with clientele base present internationally to give projects at regular flow. The aim is to make this business as the primary resource of income.
  • Accepting Different File Formats
    It was a complicated task to accept files in different formats, translate and return it back in same format, to cut this complicacy short the company brought the platform that can filter the content portion from different file format and present only content portion to work upon. The file is regenerated with translated content in same format as the original document was, to make the deployment at clientele end easy.
  • Getting Support of Automated Translation
    Automated or machine translation is another blessing that the translators can rely on between 20-30% this help is integrated in our system. This makes the work easy and fast. Translator can amend changes according to the feel of the sentences and can make them better. There are three type of automated translation linked which are: Google, Yandex, Bing.
  • Implementation of Glossary
    Glossary is another benefit, the things that do not require translation are given by clients, this make it easy for the translators to avoid those as they are blocked on translation screen at Devnagri.
  • Work Anytime, Anywhere
    Translation is an important task that require a lot of care. To work from any place at the time best suitable for concentration we have given freedom to work anywhere from any geographical location. The only requirement is internet with proper laptop or computer.

These are few technological advantages that Kutumbh and Devnagri has brought to the translation market place. Let’s hope that more reviews and support will help in making it more efficient for customers and translators.